Whenever you’re thinking of buying a gift for someone, you first think of asking them for their wishlist. Getting someone a gift that they don’t like or they’ll never use is everyone’s worst nightmare. The point of a gift is to make sure the item is well-received and will be put to proper use. Otherwise, all the money you spent on getting the gift would be pointless. Additionally, seeing the receiver’s smile falter upon opening your present isn’t exactly an ideal scenario. Asking people for what they want helps you come to a decision easier. What about newborn babies, though? If the receiver of the gift isn’t capable of speaking, how will you pick something suitable for them? To lend you a hand, here is a list of items a baby could need as personalised gifts.

1. Bibs

Newborn babies are known to be messy since they aren’t able to eat or drink properly without spitting the substance out of their mouths after a few swallows. They also vomit and drool often, and since they aren’t capable of cleaning up after themselves, the parents are the ones who have the responsibility of doing so. Changing your child’s clothes every time they spill something on it can be tiring. If you haven’t bought a lot of clothes for your baby, constantly changing them means you also have to wash them just as much. To avoid this hassle, absorbent baby bibs found in a newborn gift set can gather the stains instead. Baby bibs are super helpful for not only the baby but for the parents as well.

2. Toys

Although babies aren’t mentally developed yet, they still have a knack for toys such as plushies, rattles, and teether toys that they can chew on relentlessly. Any toy made to be harmless for a baby with no sense of danger can be included in the group of personalised newborn gifts. Bracelets can also be considered in this category since babies enjoy shaking them when you attach them to their wrists. You need to make sure that the bracelet is not made of toxic materials in case the baby wants to chew on it.

3. Towels

Another item that can be a newborn gift in Singapore is a towel. Organic cotton towels that can also be used as a blanket or a swaddle can provide the baby comfort and protection from dirty surroundings. This can also be used when the parents need to change the baby’s diaper outside. Instead of laying them on uncomfortable surfaces, this towel can be used to soften them.

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