It took a lot of time for the international brands to recognize and accept the hijab culture but now they finally have and Muslim women couldn’t be happier. Especially athletic ladies who had to adhere to the conventional sports uniform and face lots of challenges trying to practice their faith. But now the times and have changed and many international and local brands realize the existence of women who like to cover their heads by their personal choice and not by oppression.

This era has brought a revolution in many fields and a headscarf is one of them. Now hijab collections specifically designed for female athletes all over the world are being launched. If you are someone who is pursuing a career in sports or are already sportswomen and prefer not to show your hair then this article is especially for you. Here we are listing down five of our favourite hijabs so you know what to refer to when next time you go hijab shopping.

1- Sport Hijab By Adidas

This scarf is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comfortable and lightweight to cover your head with. Adidas has done a good job at this staple making it a pull-on style so it is easy to wear and take off. Its impressive quality is that an inner headband is incorporated to the inside so you can tie it from beneath and don’t worry about it getting loose. The fabric used is breathable and contains elastic details whereas the black colour goes with every outfit. Moreover, you can get this hijab at an amazing discount with the Adidas Qatar promo code. This scarf is an amazing choice if you are into sports like tennis, volleyball, football and others since it compactly wraps around your head without letting extra fabric distract you while you play.

2- Nike Pro 2

It is an addition to the sports hijab collection from Nike. It is cut from breathable and lightweight fabric. It is also a pull-on design that slides over your skin with ease and gentleness. The long back gives you extra coverage so you can tuck it beneath your clothing and makes sure it doesn’t come off while you play or exercise. It is made from polyester and elastane material and is machine washable. This hijab is available in Indigo Storm colour as well as black.

3- Stripes Swim Hijab by Adidas

Specially designed for women who are interested in swimming sport or just do it as a workout routine, this swim hijab by Adidas is one of a kind. It lets you go deep into the water without disrupting your hijab setting and comes with an adjustable inner cap to keep hairs in one place. This scarf is made from signature Infinitex Fitness Eco fabric that contains the essential properties of being lightweight and resistant to chlorine.

4- Sport Hijab by ASIYA

ASIYA Sport Hijab is a perfect choice for women who like to work out without worrying about their hijabs. It is made with ultra-lightweight and sweat-absorbing properties. Its design makes it able to cling to your hair and sit still on your head. You can even tuck it in your shirt or top so it isn’t pulled away or taken off by snags. The fabric is made from polyester and mesh fabric material. Furthermore, it is available in various colours as well.