As a serious lover of shapewear because of how well my body looks underneath my outfits and as a fashion content creator that’s a big deal. Purchased a few over the years for several purposes. However, I have never found a brand that has captured my heart the way wholesaleshapeshe has. This brand gets me to keep coming back, purchase after purchase. I will be talking about some that truly made an impression during different times of my life. There are pieces I have bought to rock as a bodysuit, butt lifters, bras, post-surgery fajas and even for support during my first pregnancy. I love every single piece I have bought but these 5, I would highly suggest you get them if you need them. It so much easier to add to cart cause wholesaleshapeshe is one of the most affordable wholesale shapewear suppliers.


This is super multi-purpose for me. I wear this to swim, with my skirt/jeans and its unique neckline makes it even better. Love the compression and how it highlights my pelvic area, making my hips look nice. 

Wholesale Tank Top Tight Thong Bodysuit With A Slant Cut Collar And Half Sleeves 


Does magic for me when I go running and when I am at the gym. Looking for something to aid burning of fat in your tummy area? This short is just perfect for that. It’s a good combo deal, as it acts as both waist trainer and thigh control. This helps with glute activation in the gym for quicker results. 

Wholesaleshapeshe Neoprene High Waist Shorts Yoga Workout Fitness Shorts 


Absolutely fantastic! My dresses and jumpsuits never looked better. This transformed my shape beneath my clothes and improved my confidence. It is super durable and effective. With this, I eat less and have that figure I desire. Feel like your butt sags or isn’t as lifted as you would like it? Get yours today. This company offers high quality wholesale butt lifters.

Wholesale Black High Waist Butt Lifter | Thong Shapewear Best 


After struggling for 5 months and always feeling pressure on my lower abdomen, a friend advised me to get this to help a bit. And this was one of the best decisions I made as I carried my beautiful baby to term. Trust me, you need this if you’re currently pregnant and need support, this is the shapewear for you.

Wholesaleshapeshe Skin Seamless Pregnant Belly Support Pants To Shape The Buttocks


Had to do lipo after my pregnancy, needed to get rid of the baby fat quickly and this right here helped me get through the post-surgical period. Support provision for not just my butt and thighs but for my tummy also. This is usually to help sustain the results. You can also just get a waist trainer if you did not do a BBL, but just removal of fat from your abdomen. Waist trainer wholesale offers are available on wholesaleshapeshe.

Wholesaleshapeshe Skin Detachable Pads Butt Lifter High Waist Buttock Enhancement Shaper Shorts