Who said mens’ fashion has to be dull and boring? Well, whosoever said it is and was absolutely wrong. On the contrary, the market is flooded with stylish accessories and apparels that can make men look iconically handsome and well-groomed. If you’re still on the page, we assume you’re in a dire need of wardrobe revamping. If so, just take cues from our guide below. 

What Apparels to Buy? 

Apparels define the personality of the people residing in them. So, choose wisely. Some of the best choices you can make can be purchased at Psychonaut Fashion and discovered in our guide below.

1 – ¾ Asymmetric Hoodie 

This street smart urban hoodie is a classic example of funky fashion that looks different than most and is earnestly sexy. Its most interesting features include:

  • Asymmetric cuffs for stylish oomph. 
  • A lightweight hood for comfort.
  • Drawstrings at the sleeves to adjust their length.

Fabric Details:

  • Cotton – 95%
  • Spandex – 5%

2- Dude Shorts 

Available in black and green hues, these shorts can be teamed up with artwork t-shirts and a pair of mojos for a casual look. The following features make it worth the money. 

  • They are secured with a double zip pattern. 
  • Press stud pockets at the front, side, and back gives them an edge over normal shorts. 

Fabric Details:

  • These are 100% cotton-made shorts.

3 – Hexagon Holster 

Call it a vest or an accessory, its importance keeps doubling with time, especially for men who like to travel a lot. Now, why do we say so? Well, it’s because this Holster by ‘The Fairies Pyjamas’ features:

  • Adjustable Brass snaps that are strong and comfortable.
  • Extra pockets on the inside, 2 zipper secured pockets on either side, and a quick draw pocket. 

4 – Artwork T-shirts

Now, artwork T-shirts are the newest trend that’s even better when the artwork design on every piece is custom-made. Some of the best ones you can purchase at Psychonaut Fashion include the following.

  • BEAKER GRUNGE GREY TEXTURE – It is a slim fit T-shirt with a raw cut neck.
  • FIDDLER STONE – This slim fit T-shirt boasts a crew-neck design.
  • MAD HAT LIGHT GREY – This one is again a classic slim-fit T-shirt with a crew-neck design. 

5 – Mens Stripe Jacket

This freaky festive jacket for men is the baby of an out-of-the-box imagination. The features that make it different and ultra-fashionable include the following:

  • A long-line stripe pattern with monochrome stripes to display. 
  • A longer back with a middle slit. 

Fabric Details:

  • Cotton – 97%
  • Elastane – 3%

That said, have a happy wardrobe upgrade this season and carry forward the legacy of edgy mens’ fashion.