Your makeup will not be complete without spending time on your brows. They need to be perfectly lined and shaped, and they should mirror each other well. Many would refuse to go out if their eyebrows weren’t done perfectly–even if it means running late. But aside from the shape of your eyebrows, there’s also something that can make or break your look: the color of your eyebrows.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal if you had your natural color and you already know all the shades that go with it. When you’re always changing your hairstyle, you’ll be faced with the dilemma of which pencil to reach for to get the perfectly colored brows that go with your current hair color. Thankfully, there is eyebrow makeup for sale for every hair color.

The Surprising Match

Some products don’t look anything like what is shown in the packaging, and you’ll either be pleasantly surprised or annoyed when you’re expecting dark brown but get a very severe black. Fortunately, this isn’t much of an issue when it comes to eyebrow pencils, because they usually come in sticks or pens with an end that shows the exact shade you’ll get. Comparing them with your hair can make it easy to determine the right shade. Storage is also easy, as you just have to keep them all in one section of your makeup table with the shaded end up so you’ll know exactly what color you’re reaching for.

The Two-ended Approach

Eyebrow products make life easier for the beginner makeup guru, especially when they have one end for the product itself and another for a smudger that you can use to blend the product evenly. This makes the product perfect when you’re trying to save time or doing your makeup on the go. With an eyebrow shaper and a smudger in one pen, you can outline and shape your eyebrows until they’re almost perfect, then finish off the look with a smudger to even out the application. They’ll make your eyebrows look naturally thick, and no one will question your makeup skills ever again.


Mind the Shape

Some people look better with an arched eyebrow, while others go for a straighter line. This can be a preference, but it can also be determined by your look. Your features may be more rounded and one eyebrow shape may not look flattering for you, or your angular features could use a little more arch. It might need some work to find the shape that works perfectly for your face shape, but with the help of brow experts, you can get the best look. After you’ve determined the right eyebrow shape, make sure you also think about the shade of product you use, especially for eyebrow mascara. They should look as close to your eyebrow pencil’s shade as possible, but some variation is not that bad so that your brows will have more dimension. Again, it’s important to blend the products well.

How much of your time is spent on your brows? If you’re willing to spend on them, you might as well spend time and money on the right shades.