Social media has become a world of visual aesthetics. The word aesthetic has been spoken around a lot in recent years. Photos and videos have taken over texts and only audio content. Social media influencers click a selfie, post it on social media and even that is considered as content. The type and amount of content we consume has changed drastically. Until just a few years ago not everybody was able to make content. The rise of social media among the masses and the advancement of technology made it possible for anyone to make the content as well as distribute it.  All you need is a smartphone with a decent quality camera and any photo edit app. Just these 2 things and you can start creating content for other people.

Here’s what you can make use of a smartphone camera accompanied by any editing app.

Today’s social media would run dry if not for photo editing apps. Just click an image with proper camera settings and good lighting around you. Remember that not everything can be done using an editing app so try to get as close as possible to the image in your head while shooting. After you are done clicking, import the ones that seem best into the photo editing app. The market is flooded with various types of edit face app and photo editing apps. Only by using can you find out the best one suited for you. After importing, use the tools in the apps to edit the photos and their elements. Use colour correction to bring out a certain colour or colour scheme, add text, add frames to your images, add blur on a specific part of an image, crop image etc. all these features are available in these apps.

As mentioned before selfies are all the rage in the market now. Selfies are mostly taken via adding a filter while clicking the photo. As selfies mostly focus on the face of the person directly, filters can detect our face using our eyes. Many filters work when you open your eyes and stop when your eyes are closed as your face can’t be detected then. Also known as presets, filters are image editing recipes that combine a combination of settings to give a photo a certain look. You can either use a filter app or make your own filters using photo editing apps. Photos look better in a filter as it removes any signs of hormonal acne from the face, makes your skin look smoother, removes dark circles, etc. There are even filters that change your face by enlarging your eyes, removing your nose, sharpening your jawbone and more. Not all but many photo editing apps have the option of making your own custom filter nowadays.  You can select a specific colour scheme you want on the filter, further, you can add emojis, texts, face masks, horns, hats and background and make your own filter.

All these features are available for videos as well. Keep clicking and editing!