The cotton plant is a plant that produces fiber, which is used in the clothing and fabric industry. Cotton is used in towels, carpets, clothing, sheets and various other products. This fabric is ideal for manufacturing clothing, partly because it feels particularly light and comfortable. It is an ecologically responsible plant that has been cultivated for centuries and will therefore always be popular.

Cotton: It is one of the most used materials in the fabric industry

Worldwide, it is an important natural fiber that is mainly grown for fabrics such as sheets, clothing, towels and curtains. The residual products are used in the food, plastics and paper industry. It is a natural product, specially grown and produced for the manufacture of clothing. It offers many advantages, it also has the ability to properly regulate, isolate body fluids and it is much more comfortable than synthetic materials. It is hypoallergenic, weather resistant and durable.

The fabric is breathable and a good diuretic for the body. Towels made of this material have a good absorbing capacity and sportswear made of this material is very comfortable during sports activities; sweat will not accumulate between body and clothing. This is because it has the property of absorbing up to one fifth of its weight before it gets damp. Making a visit to  will make you aware of the options now.

The Right Options

In warm weather, this fabric is number one to wear. Especially with those crackling hot summers that we can expect these days. Is there nothing more pleasant than wearing this fabric, protects against heat in the summer and in the winter the fabric acts as a thermal insulation because the fabric is airy. The cotton fibers have the property that the fabric is not worn directly on the body, this creates an insulating space of air, so that the clothing can also be worn comfortably in winter.

Fabric made of cotton fibers is also ideal for people who are especially allergic to synthetic materials. It rarely causes allergic reactions and wearing it is even recommended for people with skin allergies. It is a non-irritating hypoallergenic garment and is widely used in medical products such as gauze and bandages. Babies and small children also benefit greatly from wearing this fabric. Since babies and toddlers have not yet built up resistance as an adult, clothing made from 100% cotton fiber fabrics is perfect for even delicate skin.

Beautiful cotton

You all want quality fabrics?

Clothing fabrics and materials made of cotton fiber last a long time, because it is manufactured from one of the most sustainable plants. It has a quality that does not tear the fabric easily and can withstand the strongest washing power of the washing machine or wash it by hand countless times. What makes the fabric so ideal is that it has no inherent odor, which means that the fabric has already been cleaned in short washing programs.

Long wash programs are not necessary, that would only be a waste of energy and detergent. The cotton fibers are better intertwined compared to synthetic fibers, the latter break down easily and fade in color more quickly. The advantage of fabrics made of cotton fiber is that the smelly odors from, for example, sports, cooking or campfire are easier to emit in the washing machine than other fabrics. This means we can confidently say that with fabrics made of cotton fiber you get sustainable products.