Crochet may seem intimidating at first but in fact, it is not that hard at all. You may have to learn a few kinds of crochet stitches in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you would be crochet stitching a lot of different kinds of projects that you never would have dreamt of. So, how does one start in crochet stitching? Well, like every valuable skill in life, you have to start learning with the essentials. That means learning crochet stitches for beginners.

People often ask me how fast people learn how to stitch. While there is no definite answer because there are quite a lot of factors that can affect how one learns, you definitely should not be intimidated. The first thing that you would probably want to learn is how to create a crochet chain. This is one of the easiest techniques so you would probably doing this as soon as you get the have of the crochet. So you can properly start off your project, you will then have to learn how to do a slip stitch. And when you have that in the bag, you can be bold and start learning at least one basic stitch. In almost no time at all, you will be creating art with your crochet stitches. You will be creating hats, shawls, scarves and even a wide blanket. In reality, sometimes it can get quite addicting which would explain why some poor people that do not know what they were signing up for end up creating crochet stitch for everyone they know.

In this article, we will guide you in creating your beginner stitches using simple tutorials that you can follow even in your sleep. While I cannot promise that everything will always turn out the way it should be, I am certain that you will have a lot of fun. And most importantly, you get a valuable skill that you can actually use.

Crochet Stitches for Beginners: Crochet Chain Stitch

As promised, we will start with the most basic of all crochet stitches and that is the crochet chain stitch. Note however that before you start crocheting away, you need to have already known how to do a slip knot.

So what exactly is the chain stitch for? This is a valid question, especially if you are just starting out. With something this basic, you will be able to connect the dots and then help you in understanding more complex patterns later on.

The most common use for the chain stitch is starting new projects. As the name implies, this stitch is used for creating the starting chain. This is perhaps the most important part of your project considering that it is often called as the foundation chain. The glitz and the glamour of your final product relies on this simple looking pattern that, more often than not, gets ignored for the benefit of the other aspects of the project.

Apart from being a foundation to the entire project, rows on the project are also started using the chain stitch. This is what is called the turning chain. The height of a turning chain is measured as the number of chains created with it. This height will be dependent on the number of stitches for the row. You can get a lot more familiar with this when you are starting your crochet stitch projects.

True to its name the chain stitch is used to bound other stitches together. This is more common when creating round projects. Not just a utility, this pattern also contributes value to the entirety of the design.

Chain stitches can also appear in more advanced patterns such as in picot stitches. Picot stitches, in particular are quite common in crochet edging. A lot of different features such as mesh and long fringe can be worked on using this pattern.

Chain stitches are so powerful that you can actually start projects right away as soon as you get the familiarity of it. I would not recommend it however or at least not yet because when it comes to crochet stitching, combinations of different kinds of stitches is the real reason crochet stitching shines.

Crochet Stitches for Beginners: Slip Stitch

Ask any seasoned crochet stitcher you know and they will tell you how important the slip stitch is. This technique is often overlooked simply because it is simple to do and it does look simple when it is applied as well. Never forget that the slip stitch is fundamental to crochet stitching as a whole.

The round is where the slip stitch is often being called for action. You may be hearing terms in tutorials that instruct you to make the round or form a ring. Whenever you hear this, you should know that they are talking about the slip stitch.

Crochet elements are often joined together by a slip stitch. Its clean finish will keep it from overpowering the other elements thereby making it the perfect candidate for the job.

The slip stitch is not flashy to the point that it is often in the background. That is, unless, you want to make the slip stitch the star. When creating surface crochets, for instance, it would not be outlandish to add slip stitches in a pattern over the top for a vibrant flurry. You can further explore other kinds of intricate slip stitch design that will surely add a boost to the entire project.

Crochet Stitches for Beginners: Single Crochet Stitch

When you are trying to learn the crochet chain while also getting the hang of the slip stitch, you position yourself in setting the stage for incredible things. However, you will have to learn at least one more just so you could play around with it a bit more. With that said, the single crochet stitch is probably the best way to begin a journey for any kind of person keen on learning.