Not all curly hair looks the same. Several characteristics differentiate them from each other. A categorization of hair allows everyone to know which one belongs to them in order to choose the best suited care.

Among the 4 hair categories that we have highlighted, only categories 2,3 and 4 concern curly hair, type 1 referring to straight and straight hair. Since this classification is considered insufficient by many women, sub-categories have been added. Here are the curly hair types for you.

Type 2 hair

Type 2 hair is close to type 1. It is straight, but is more or less wavy and is divided into three subcategories:

Type 2a groups very fine hair, with slight waves and frizz in wet weather. This type of hair is very easy to model and style.

Type 2b includes so-called medium hair which is characterized by a propensity to curl a lot. They are thicker than the previous ones and are quite difficult to style.

Type 2c is thick and also tends to curl. These are fairly unruly hair, difficult to model.

Type 3 curly hair

Type 3, also called Boticelli and English type in the classification of André Walker, collects hair with large curls whose undulations depend on the curve adopted by the hair. This type of hair has a fairly rough and fine texture. It is fragile and does not tolerate external aggressions, such as cold or pollution. This typology requires gentle treatment so that it does not dry out. The washing will be done using a sulfate-free shampoo and a very moisturizing conditioner. Heavy creams are to be avoided, because they tend to make the hair oily and to weigh down the curls.

Sub-category 3a is made up of hair with very marked S-shaped undulations and large curls, more or less thick, ranging from the size of a pencil to that of a large felt. Hair usually has a lot of shine.

Sub-category 3b refers to small corkscrew loops.

The subcategory 3c is not part of the classification established by André Walker. It has been added for a more suitable categorization. It concerns frizzy frizzy hair. These give the impression of being quite thick, but the hair is very fine. It is then very fragile, very brittle and dries out very easily.

Type 4 curly hair

Type 4 hair is very curly or frizzy hair. The loops are so tight that they are reduced by 75% of their actual length. This type of hair dehydrates quickly. It is very fragile and brittle. It forms a cotton mass as fragile as the previous categories. For washing, it is essential to use a sulfate-free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. A weekly hydrating mask will complete this skincare ritual.

Type 4a groups hair with very tight curls which retract on themselves. When the hair is stretched, it forms an S of a certain length which immediately returns to its original size when it is released.

Type 4b includes more or less thick hair. Unlike type 4a hair, the hair has a helical shape close to a Z when it is stretched. Type 4c is fine. Its crimp is very little marked.