Tattoos can be of different types with various features and varied longevities. You can even get a tattoo in any corner of your body. But what matters is the Tattoo aftercare as it can guarantee how the tattoo will finally look after it gets healed. Besides permanent tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos are also getting popular among enthusiasts. As removing a permanent tattoo is an excruciating and tedious job, people nowadays are preferring semi-permanent tattoos.

If you are thinking about the right place in your body to get inked, you can choose any place without any kind of prejudice. Advancements in technology and more matured tattoo artists’ skills have started offering tattoos as sensitive places like eyelids, earlobes, and other small and deadly locations. You can get a semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo on your eyelids quickly with the best tattoo artist.

Tattoo on the eyelid!

 Though the artists are skilled, it’s quite challenging to get a tattoo over the eyelids. The eyeballs remain at stake, and so do the eyesight. It is undoubtedly impossible to ignore the sensation at the eyelids, but the part you can do is control your emotion and not freak out. Your patience can help you get the tattoo, as the eyeliner tattoo takes 15 minutes to get completed.

Another factor that makes this option more feasible than the permanent eyeliners is that they get discoloured in different horrible shades. Semi-permanent is acceptable as they are not that deeply graved and should not become that pertinent when it gets faded. You need to make your decision. But in both cases, you need to follow some aftercare measures to get the tattoo healed soon.


As eyes are a big part of your body, you should not avoid the aftercare portion and be very picky about the products you use at aftercare. Your skin type and the product’s ingredient are some factors you should follow while picking up the aftercare products for your tattoo. As you are looking for aftercare products for your eyeliner semi-permanent tattoo, you needed to be more careful.

Following are the guidelines you should follow after getting a tattoo eyeliner –

  • Don’t use mascara on your eyes for at least seven days. If you have used it, ensure that you are removing it using baby oil.
  • Don’t mess with your eyelashes for at least 7-10 days. Avoid any kind of product usage or extension or curling for any purpose.
  • Avoid makeup altogether in that eyeliner tattoo for at least five days. Make it seven to ten if possible for better results.
  • You need to avoid the sun or salty water for at least 10 days to keep the tattoo intact and safe from fading. Sunrays and salted water can harm it in various ways.
  • Use the best suitable healing cream or ointment twice a day with a cotton ball to avoid contamination in that area.
  • Make sure you are not peeling the scabbing skin and letting it fall naturally when the time comes.

Follow the experts and quality products for ensuring successful tattooing.