Incorporating a photo booth into your dream wedding reception sends guests home with side-splitting candids alongside fab memories. Whether your nuptials exude timeless romance or modern exuberance with a signature color scheme, check out these photo booth styles aligning with popular wedding aesthetics. Discover looks from vintage to contemporary to match any event vibe.

Rustic charm photo booths

Does your wedding exude homespun warmth with mason jars, burlap accents, and natural woods? Rustic-style celebrations held in historic barns, summer camps, or backyard farm settings shine with a cozy vintage vibe. Photo booths made from weathered barn wood or wrapped in natural jute instantly fit the aesthetic. For whimsical charm, opt for a “pieced together” style booth crafted from various reclaimed woods in contrasting colors. Accents like chipped paint, visible hardware, and rough-hewn benches retain that handmade glory.

Props like cowboy hats, bandanas, daisy garlands, and cowboy boots complement country settings perfectly. For extra flair, use picnic basket backdrops overflowing with gingham blankets, wildflowers, or checkered tablecloths. Rustic wedding guests will flock to capture the laidback fun.

Vintage glam photo booths

Maybe Great Gatsby-style Art Deco celebrations at old Hollywood hotels or mansions are more your speed. Channel 1920s flapper fabulousness and retro 1950s pinup punk with a classic photo booth in a striking gold geometric frame. Or choose a pink convertible front doubling as a photo kiosk.

The luxe gold and glossy black striped curtain provides a hint of vintage carnival photo booth nostalgia. Feather boas, long cigarette holders, and sequined caps make sensational props. Place a striking neon sign nearby flashing “The Great Gatsby” or your names and dates surrounded by iconic deco shapes. Glamorous vintage backdrops like roaring ‘20s parties, vintage vehicles, Parisian streets, or retro diner sets complete the glorious throwback effect.

Whimsical wonderland photo booths

Does your Alice In Wonderland-themed wedding include top hats, rose arbors, flamingo, and hedgehog accents plus wild colors and patterns? Transport guests to a magical realm with beautifully surreal premium photo booths uk decorated like a giant storybook. Backdrops continue the whimsy with illusion paintings of vibrant Mad Hatter tea parties, charming English gardens, or engraving-style “Eat Me, Drink Me” designs. Props include wild colorful wigs, glasses and masks, butterfly wings, pocket watches, and fragrant flower crowns. Scattered playing cards, antique keys, and “Drink This” potion bottles reinforce fantastical escapism. 

Garden glam photo booths

Dreamy garden weddings burst with gorgeous floral blooms in vibrant jewel tones and you want booth whimsy to match. Opt for a white wood stand-alone backdrop with an arch of lush flowers in pink, purple, and crimson red to complement your color story. Surround it with hand-painted wood trellises plus planter boxes spilling over with ornamental grasses, vines, and blooms. Sequined flower crowns, beaded rose bracelets, and leafy props like watering cans and flower frog vases reinforce the al fresco botanical beauty. Pick soft artistic watercolor backdrops blooming in springtime hues and mismatched vintage frames holding floral prints for ultra- ‘gram-worthy moments. Play up the flower power with the explosion of petaled props.