On your special day, you want to look your best from your head to your toes. Let’s not forget to take care of those pretty fingernails of yours. It can be hard to know what design, shape, color to go with. Lucky for you I have come up with some helpful suggestions that you may just love

Let’s start with the most classic iconic look you can go with, which is a French tip. A French tip is where the tip of the nails are white, and the rest of the nail is usually clear or nude. This simple, elegant look will be sure to make you feel fresh. You can get the french tip in any shape. I would recommend looking into the different shape styles you want before you go to get your nails done; that way, you will be prepared.

Another beautiful but straightforward nail idea is to go with either a matte or shiny nude polish. The nude polish gives a very natural and clean look. If you’re not much of a nail polish person but would like to have your cuticles trimmed up and your nails looking on point, nude nail polish can cover those needs.

A white wedding is a dream of many. That being said, if you really want to have a white wedding, nothing is better than going with stunning white nail polish. Maybe you don’t have your something blue item yet. Why not make your nail polish blue? It will sure be a fun surprise for your guests.

Glitter, glitz, and glam are always a sparkly option. Maybe you want to be the brightest thing on the dance floor. How else to get that sparkle on then by applying some glitter onto your nails. Don’t just stop there; you can also add some jewels and gold foiling to add the glitz and glam to your manicure.

One final idea I have for you to consider is adding some flowers to your nails. You can go with your favorite flower or go with the flowers that you selected for your wedding. Real flowers always add an air of elegance and allure to one’s wedding. Having some painted flowers on your nails will make you feel festive and beautiful.

Don’t forget to get some great pictures so you can use them on your wedding programs and guest book so everyone can share in your love on your special day. Your loved ones will love your wedding pictures, and it allows you to flaunt those fabulous nails.