Babies are something worth celebrating, especially if they make your family more lively than ever. They deserve all the care and attention they get since they tie your kin or group together, strengthening your bond with their mums and dads. To show how much you honour the arrival of a family member or friend’s little one, you can give a newborn gift set during a baby shower or the day of the child’s birth.

But like all baby products, newborn hampers come in all shapes and sizes. Picking the perfect one can be challenging, especially if you have various options. Here are four things to consider to help you find and get the best hamper for a newborn:

1. Hamper Inclusions

The ideal newborn gift set in Singapore should contain everything a baby needs during the first few years of their life. It should not include unnecessary items that could also endanger the young one.

2. Hamper Quality

After considering the inclusions of a newborn gift set, carefully inspect each item carefully. Check their quality and look for rough or jagged edges, loose stitches, or weak build that would degrade their functionality.

3. Hamper Price

Every newborn hamper in Singapore comes at different price points. Before purchasing one, check how much they cost and see if it fits your budget. Remember, you do not need to spend hefty sums to give a baby high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing presents.

4. Hamper Customizability

The best newborn hampers you could give to a baby contain personalisable items. Its manufacturer or supplier should allow you to change the colour and print of some of the set’s inclusions. They should also offer you to embroider names on the blanket, shirt, or toy you bought.

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