facial serum for your skintone

So you’ve got your facial scrub, cream, moisturiser, and exfoliating cleanser all figured out, and you think that’s it! However, there is one product that is a powerful source of nourishment and nutrients for your facial skin that is sometimes overlooked: the facial serum.

Facial Serum: What is it?

So, what is a serum, exactly? It’s a concentrated form of active ingredients that targets particular skincare issues. The ingredients are potent and composed of simpler compounds. Since the stronger oils and additives have been removed, the ratio of additives is higher than in a typical face cream. So, although the latter may contain about 10% active ingredients, the former may not.

How to pick the best serum?

The amount of serum choices commercially available will impress you, and they all guarantee beautiful, flawless skin. However, the easiest way to choose one that would be right for you is to weigh two factors.

First, let’s talk about the skin issue you’re trying to solve. Do you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines around your mouth? Or do you want to get rid of those sun spots on your nose? Look for a serum that promises to do exactly what you require. You might need a face serum for dry skin or face serum for oily skin. Make sure you pick the right product with complete analysis.

Second, think about your skin colour. Choose a face serum that contains benzoyl peroxide, retinols, and tea tree seed oil if you have sticky or acne-prone complexion. Try anything with hyaluronic acid and Folic Acid for aged and dry skin. Glycolic acid, which retains water and keeps skin healthy and reinvigorated, works well with normal skin.

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