Because Luv Sola wood flowers are produced differently than regular flowers, particular care is required to guarantee that they retain their beauty in a bouquet for as long as possible. This is due to the unconventional methods by which we nurture our blooms.

Despite their specific maintenance requirements, these flowers require significantly less maintenance than your average bouquet, contrary to common belief. It takes some effort to keep your Luv Sola bouquet as fresh as possible, but what sets these arrangements apart from traditional bouquets?

How do the blooms of Luv Sola flowers vary from those of other flower types? What are the needs of Luv Sola flowers, and what can be done to make them last longer? Let’s look at the care the Luv Sola Flowers require.

Flowers Made From Wood: Understanding Them

Let us begin with the basics and describe wood flowers. Floral designers turn to them when they need a flower alternative for bridal bouquets and other arrangements that will last longer than the average. These wooden blossoms are guaranteed to satisfy because they come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Although they were designed with professional florists in mind, they are advantageous to the entire economy. Your very own Luv Sola Flowers might be delivered straight to your door and convert your house into a work of beauty with only a few clicks. These blooms may be used in a variety of innovative ways by artists, who frequently include them in their works.

You may choose between raw (naturally white) wooden flowers and skinned (naturally brown) wooden flowers. You are free to take either path. The “skin” of the Shola plant may be extracted from the plant’s skin side. This plant component has an earthy flavor and the scent and appearance of a thin strip of bark. Incorporating the skin into the design adds a distinguishing aspect that gives the bloom more individuality.

You might question how long the beauty of Luv Sola flowers will linger when you first see them. Despite being significantly more resilient than the usual cut flower, they must still be handled with care.

When not in use, keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dark place. It is critical that you read what you just accomplished. Aside from that, virtually little upkeep is necessary. Consider a gorgeous wooden flower arrangement that requires no upkeep or maintenance and will last a lifetime. That is the thing that turns fantasies into reality.

Traditional Flowers vs. Wooden Flowers

Sola flowers are hardier since they are not produced in greenhouses like most other cut flowers. The Luv Sola flowers we sell are tougher and last longer than any cut flowers you could buy since they are constructed of wood. Our Luv Sola flowers are more expensive than other types, but they stay far longer and appear better in bouquets and arrangements because of their increased complexity and elegance. Our flowers are an excellent choice for a long-lasting bouquet since they are created from the woody shola plant, are biodegradable, and are manufactured ethically.

Flowers Can Go Without Sunlight in Luv Sola Wood

Remember that your Luv Sola bouquet does not have to stay in direct sunlight all of the time. Because Luv Sola blooms are distinctive, they do not require the same kind of care as other flowers. Flowers that are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time wilt and die faster. If you want your flowers to last as long as possible, store them somewhere out of direct sunlight, and whatever dye you’ve applied to them should stay on them.

Flowers From Luv Sola Do Not Require Water

Each Luv Sola flower is painstakingly created from the woody shola plant, so it will never wither and die unless you water it. This work requires a significant amount of time and effort. When water is utilized, Luv Sola flowers decay faster since they may readily sink into the blossoms and begin the breakdown process. It will last the longest if you store your bouquet somewhere cool, dry, and free of moisture. The simplest way to extend the life of your Luv Sola flower arrangement is to keep it away from any moisture.

What to Expect When You Buy From Luv Sola

The enormous amount of customization choices available on the Luv Sola website may be perplexing to first-time visitors. Consider stockpiling a variety of goods that you can mix and combine in various ways to create your own individual appearance. Once you’ve gained a deeper grasp of the many flower species, you’ll be able to choose your particular favorites. You can purchase a bundle of raw flowers, skin flowers only, or a mix of the two types of flowers. Raw flowers and flowers with the skin removed are both widely available.

Because you asked, I’ll say that you may color your wooden flowers. Using acrylic paint, paint cloth, or normal wall paint, you may instantly transform the appearance of the space. There are several possibilities from which to select. Search their website for a video with staining instructions for your wooden flowers to obtain detailed, illustrated instructions.

For your convenience, both the raw and skinned wooden flowers are supplied in bundles of twelve. If you get a package that contains several distinct goods, you’ll have a lot of leeway in deciding on your final selections. You may also get a collection pack of miniature wooden flowers if you want to utilize extremely few flowers in your project.


Because they are not dependent on outside variables such as water and sunlight, Luv Sola flowers last far longer than cut flowers. This approach, along with the stunning, biodegradable, and ecologically friendly Luv Sola flowers, guarantees that you may have the arrangement you choose without sacrificing quality. Luv Sola’s flowers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in purchasing a flower arrangement from Luv Sola and want further information, be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible via our website, You will be happy you did once you see the beautiful arrangement in your home!