If you are overweight it does not mean that you cannot look wonderful. With some small changes in the wardrobe and a familiar sense of fashion, you can carry yourself well wherever you go. From cool dresses that make you look stunning to outfits that are stylish, Brent Emerson, the fashion designer points out a few best ideas on how to dress if you are overweight. These ideas will not only make you look outstanding but also help you feel super-positive in your skin.

  • Select the right undergarments

The most significant thing to getting your undergarments right is to know what your size is. Always assess yourself to be correct. Well-fitting lingerie will not only make you feel happy in your skin but also emphasize your curves. As overweight women are on the chubbier side supportive underwear are great picks as they offer great support.

Ensure that the undergarments are not too rigid or loose. Lots of lingerie brands have arrived with new patterns and styles for plus size women. Check the online portals and find out what you like and feel at ease in the most.

  • Understand your body shape

It is essential you understand how your body works and what you feel most comfortable wearing. Here, comfort and confidence are vital. You just have to work on your body and come up with stylish and fun outfits that go with your figure. There are several options out there, and you can make one of the most basic outfits work to your benefit. Find out what you like and use it to make your sense of style.

  • Choose colors that complement your skin tone

During the day, pastels such as green and tint of yellow and blue can be quite attractive. For the night, choose for more fragile colors like nudes, gray, black, and pastels. These give out a fashionable, stylish, and mature vibe.

  • Select quality over quantity

The quality of the fabric you purchase is vital. Purchase fabric that would last for some time. Do not disregard your comfort. If you like an outfit that is to some extent weird or something that you would not normally wear, purchase it. Once you move out of your comfort zone, you do it in ways that make you feel persuaded and positive.

  • Play with patterns

Find out how to dress with stripes, floral prints, vertical prints and boxed prints. If you are overweight, vertical prints may look better over the horizontal as they make you look less big and more toned.

  • Customize your clothes

One of the best ideas is to get your clothes customized if you are on the heavier side. Customized outfits are well fitted and look super neat. The largest benefit of customizing your clothes is that everything is your choice. From the fabric you select to the style of stitching, you get to chose it all. You can get gorgeous floral blouses or maxi dresses or even skirts stitched.

Brent Emerson has stores in North Carolina and Arizona and he says that by adhering to the above mentioned tips even the bulky ones can look great.