While summer fashion is incredibly popular and mainstream, winter is also one of the best opportunities in the whole year to flaunt your style. With the right tips and tricks, you can bundle up in the most fashionable way possible and spend the season feeling and looking hot. If winter trends is something you find difficult to navigate, here are some basic do’s and don’ts that will help make it a piece of cake:

  • Do: Go for Classic and Statement Pieces: This is an easy tip that will be useful all year round but especially during the winters. You can easily put together your favourite winter looks if you invest in a few staple pieces for the season. These could be clothing items as simple as thermal leggings, scarves, turtlenecks in fall colours and such or other options like overcoats. This cuts down on all the hassle as you can pair these with just about anything and put together a classic outfit.
  • Don’t: Over Bundle: Layers are an absolutely inseparable part of winter trends but it is also very important to do it right. You surely do need a few layers to keep you warm but you can also choose to dress smart by opting for warm, cosy sweaters, sweatpants, tights and such. These will make sure you are bundled up at all times but in a way that is chic and not messy.
  • Do: Opt for Colours: It is very easy to align your fashion choices to the weather and during winters this can lead to neutral and boring shades due to the gloomy skies. However, make sure you keep your wardrobe nice and bright by going for fall colours. This is not to say that you should skip neutrals entirely, you can just put them to better use by creating an aesthetic balance between the two ends of the spectrum.
  • Don’t: Wear Open Shoes: While there are many ways you can style your winter footwear, make sure you do not do them with open footwear. Keeping the fact that they do not match the winter vibe in any way aside, they can end up being a physical discomfort. Your feet will get cold very quickly and even end up with frostbite if you choose to go with open footwear. Instead, stick to boots, sneakers, pumps and such with warm socks to keep your feet toasty at all times.
  • Do: Wear Leggings as a Layer Instead of Pants: Leggings are easily one of the warmest options for winter clothing but that does not mean you need to wear them all the time. This will get repetitive and step on your toes if you are trying to live out your winter trends dreams. Instead, wear leggings as an inner layer and pair them with flared pants, skirts, sweatpants and such to try out all the different outfits you want to flaunt this season.

With these simple tips and more from Myntra Studio, you can enjoy the peak of winter trends this season. Head over to Myntra Studio and get started!