One of the best parts of travelling is the memories. The stories you’ll create, the photos you’ll take, and most importantly, the souvenirs you’ll bring home. These items can be great accessories for your home, gifts for your loved ones, and little reminders of your time away. 

If you’ve got a trip to Ireland coming up, you’re probably wondering what souvenirs you should bring back. Anyone can step into a typical tourist shop and grab a generic t-shirt magnet, shot glass, or fridge magnet. 

So, if you want to bring something truly special home from Ireland, here is your guide to the best Irish gifts and souvenirs. 

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses are unique pieces of jewelry that feature beautiful designs and celebrate Irish culture. These deeply symbolic pieces come in a range of designs that you can wear yourself, or give to someone special! 

Claddagh Birthstone Ring

These iconic symbols of Irish culture symbolise love, friendship, and loyalty. They can be made personal by getting one with your own personal birthstone. Every time you wear it, you can look down at your hand and be reminded of your time in Ireland. 

Celtic Cufflinks

How can you add an Irish touch to your work or formal attire? With a pair of stylish Celtic cufflinks. They would also make a great gift for a special man in your life!

Irish Whiskey

If you want to reminisce on your trip, why not bring a taste of Ireland home with you in the form of Irish Whiskey? Depending on your taste, you could choose a well-known brand like Bushmills or something more unique. 

Irish and Claddagh Picture Frames

On your trip, you’ll probably be taking plenty of photos that you’ll want to display in our home. Instead of putting them in any old picture frame, why not display them in Irish or Claddagh Picture Frames? This way you’ll have two memories for the price of one! 

Traditional Aran Sweater

Want something warm and stylish for the winter months? Then you need a traditional Aran sweater. These garments were originally made for local fishermen, but they look just as good now as they did back then. Buying one of these sweaters means that you can take a piece of Irish history, and a sweater to keep you warm in winter! 

Irish Flat Cap

Although the Peaky Blinders weren’t from Ireland, you can recreate their iconic look with an Irish souvenir? Buying a locally designed and made flat cap means that you’ll support a local business and look great as you do it! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great souvenirs available in Ireland. Any item from this list will help you to look back fondly on your trip better than any generic t-shirt!