Jeans are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe because they are easy to wear and hassle-free to style. They suit your look and instantly create a style statement. No matter what body type you have, some jeans will flatter your curves and make them look even more gorgeous than they already are.

We’ve made a list of versatile jeans that are more than ordinary jeans! Bet you will not find a more versatile pair of jeans than these:

  1. Skinny crop- They may look similar to regular skinny jeans, but they are the cropped version that ends just before your shins. A few of them feature a fold to add style. Any woman with skinny legs can slay in this pair of jeans. Black and white skinny crops look the best. You can get your hands on the distressed category in skinny crop jeans if you are a fan of distressed patterns.
  2. Mom-fit Jeans- slay the style of a mom that never likes stretchy jeans. A mom-fit pattern is baggy denim jeans which fit over the hips and thighs and tapers towards your ankles. 
  3. Boot Cut- Millennials love bootcut jeans, as they are now more tapered and Instagram-worthy. The pattern fits your legs to the knees and is flexible and wider past your calves. They look perfect on curvy women. The crop alternative of bootcut jeans is also popular. It flares just above your shins.
  4. Cigarette Jeans- Formal cigarette trousers have inspired cigarette Jeans. They may look similar to skinny jeans, but they differ in fitness. If you are insecure about your body, which you should not be, avoid wearing cigarette jeans.
  5. Low-rise Jeans- Want to flaunt that perfect waist? Grab a pair of low-rise jeans that will highlight it. Low-rise jeans are alternatively called low-waist jeans. Women with well-defined waists love them!
  6. High waist Jeans- as the name suggests, these jeans cover your belly and hug your waist. When paired with a crop top or a bralette, these are a fashion bomb! High-waist jeans are the ultimate go-to for college-going ladies.
  7. Capri Denim- Who said you can’t wear Capri because you are a woman? The notion that capris are for kids is rubbish! Capris is the newest and most stylish version of jeans. Grab a pair for a carefree look!
  8. Flared Jeans- The 90s fashion is back in trend now! Bollywood has been a fan of flared jeans. You can spot them in almost all the popular 90s movies. In simple terms, they are a cross between boot cut and bell-bottom trousers. They fit you to your knees and then just flare up! If you have a pear-shaped body, go for it!
  9. Boyfriend Jeans- The most common denim jeans for women are Boyfriend Jeans. They are slouchy on women and lose fitted on thighs and knees as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend! Hence the name. If your body is inverted triangle shape, the boyfriend jeans will enhance its look.

The best part about women’s jeans is that they come in all kinds of styles, colours, lengths—you name it! And where better to shop them all than VERO MODA? Visit our online store now!