There is a saying in English that goes like this; the first impression is the best. When we meet a person, the first thing we notice is their looks. The external appearance of a person creates a compelling image in the minds of the onlookers. We don’t like to start a conversation with a person who is wearing a mismatched outfit. We are always interested in talking to people who are well dressed. Another problem we face is we generally don’t like the same garb again and again. We don’t want to repeat the same look in all the functions we attend. But we may not have the resources to buy new clothes all the time.

Keeping that in mind, it’s tedious to create new outfits every day from the few clothing pieces that we own. How do some people do that so effortlessly and look stylish and trendy when we struggle to do the same? All of us are not a fashionista and have better things to do in life than to create looks. Here is a ready-made solution for you.

A navy suit is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. You can wear it to the office, interviews, corporate meetings, and even parties. This same clothing piece can be used to create a variety of looks ranging from formal to semi-formal to casual looks.

You pair the suit with different shirts and ties to create these different looks. Match the navy suit with shirt and tie to complete all of those looks.

Considering that the suit is very dark in color, you should opt for a light-colored shirt. The classic white shirt which rests in your wardrobe is the most suitable candidate. The different shades of white work well with the suit. It makes you look classy and put together. Other colors which you can choose are light blue or beige. They are subtle and complements the color of the shirt well. These colors create a smart look and make the whole outfit appear effortless.

You can also incorporate stripes or checks on the shirt. It makes the look less formal. You can easily match the navy suit with a striped shirt and solid tie for a party.

Wearing a solid tie makes the look edgy and crisp. However, you can quickly achieve an informal look by adding checks, stripes, or subtle prints on the tie. You can avoid the tie and keep the suit unbuttoned for a semi-formal look.

However, if the tie is striped, go for a plain shirt. Avoid wearing checks or prints on both of them. Otherwise, the look becomes very messy. Add the fun element only in one of them.

The same suit can be used to create a variety of looks by matching the suit with a variety of shirts and ties. Avoid shiny fabric as it most likely looks cheap. This advice is something that is repeatedly stressed by all fashion influencers while talking about any look.