As every fashion week approaches, new talents come to the scene to showcase their collections for the first time. This is the time when all fashion celebrities around the world gather to follow this important event.

And, we are always excited to see what fresh perspective these new designers will bring to the table. Considering fashion is constantly evolving, these new designers not only make fantastic clothes but also focus on new techniques, local crafts, and pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

Below, we have a few designers who recently emerged, and their fashion sense is impeccable. Also, many MMG Models UK wore their pieces.

Maisie Wilen

Maisie Wilen became famous by working with Kanye West as a womenswear designer for his brand, Yeezy. However, in 2019, she became an independent fashion designer and launched her own brand.

Her pieces are famous for fun party looks, and she recently adapted them to be comfortable dancing around the home. We believe Maisie Wilen will do great things in the future.

Kenneth Ize

Next on our list, Vienna-born, Nigeria-based fashion designer Kenneth Ize launched his first collection in 2013. His focus is entirely on preserving Nigeria craft, while he uses naturally produced fabrics.

This designer also employs communities to help him make his own clothes. In his pieces, Kenneth Ize uses AsoOke, a signature bright woven cloth. One of the most popular top models, Naomi Campbell, walked his 2020 fall collection in 2019.


These two designers, Laura Lowena and Emma Chopova met while studying at Central Saint Martins. After their college, they started working outside of London, using vintage fabrics they collected from Bulgaria.

Eventually, they started making their clothes in Bulgaria and England. Their signature patchwork skirts gain a lot of popularity among ladies. We can’t wait to see what next this pair will produce.

Del Core

Presenting his pieces for the first time at the Milan Fashion Week 2021, Daniel Del Core became one of the most interesting womenswear designers. In the past, he ran the VIP department of Gucci, dressing celebrities like Biork or Lana del Ray.

Therefore, it won’t be too challenging to imagine his new evening appearance on the red carpet soon.

Charles de Vilmorin

This 24-year-old designer has had a surprisingly fast career, despite the pandemic. First of all, he launched his first collection in April of 2020. Afterward, Alessandro Michele invited him to participate in Gucci Fest in the following November.

After that, Charles de Vilmorin showcased his first haute couture collection in January 2021. There have been some rumors that this designer will get a top job at Rochas, a storied French Fashion House.

His first collection for this French Fashion House will be in spring 2022. Charles de Vilmorin will continue to work on his namesake collection as well.

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu comes from South Africa and is the first African designer to win a prestigious LVMH prize. This designer is very proud of his rich cultural heritage and makes all his clothes in Johannesburg.

Daniel W. Fletcher

After working with famous names, like Lanvin, Victoria Beckham, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton, Daniel W. Fletcher has finally decided to start something independently. First of all, he worked on a Netflix series Next in Fashion last year, gaining fans worldwide with his brilliant pieces.

This fashion designer is also the artistic director at Fiorucci.


SupriyaLele made her first appearance at London Fashion Week 2017. Her colorful and sheer body pieces are modern and fresh, which enabled her to earn fans across the globe. You can often see Dua Lipa wearing some of her clothes.

Peter Do

While five friends founded a brand Peter Do, in 2018, a Vietnamese designer Peter Do leads this group. We should mention that they are quite unique, and they don’t follow industry trends, meaning they present when they want, where they want.

Many celebrities like Solange and Zendaya like to wear their pieces. We have to admit that they have a clean design, which many people love.


The last name on our list, but equally important, Ahluwalia is an Indian-Nigerian designer founded her brand in 2018. In most cases, she uses vintage and traditional fabrics but with a modern approach. Ahluwalia also participated in Gucci Fest and London Fashion Week and was awarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.

Basically, this designer gives traditional pieces a modern twist!