While candid images that reflect personality are excellent, strikingly beautiful, natural positions like smiling in a garden or chuckling under the stars may seem out of reach. Popular wedding photo poses in Norfolk to consider for your big day were highlighted by Norfolk photographers.

  • Taking Notice of the Dress

Brides wait months, years, and sometimes a lifetime to wear the perfect gown. That is why photographers enjoy photographing her while she admires her gown minutes before putting it on.

  • Tieing a Bow Tie

Photographers enjoy capturing critical moments during wedding preparations, such as the groom fixing his tie. Lacing shoes, buttoning a suit jacket, and fixing a watch are all examples of similar images.

  • The First Sight

The first glance on the wedding day is one of the most crucial images, but couples should not even consider the photographer. Allow the event to unfold naturally while fully accepting the emotions (tears and all), knowing that the photographer will catch every aspect.

  • Twirl

Wedding gowns are stunning from every perspective, but they come to life when twirled. The bride twirls around in this stance, almost like a dancer. The finished image is bright and alive with movement.

  • Genuine Laughter

On camera, genuine laughter is always a hit. Photographers frequently suggest these moments during prep time, as well as during couple and wedding party photographs.

  • The Kiss on the Forehead

A delicate peck on the forehead is one of the most picturesque kisses. During portrait photo sessions, photographers frequently request at least a few of these adorable poses.

  • The Veil of the Wind

Photographers will want to take advantage of that lovely veil with a few creative positions, whether it’s a windy day or not. As the couple sneaks a kiss, many photographers will have their helper raise then lower the veil. This photo, which has been blown by the wind, appears as it came straight out of a magazine!

  • Taking a Walk

The couple’s most private moments are captured during the stroll. This stance is appropriate for any setting, from a street to a field, and it looks equally good in images as it does in the wedding film.

  • The Inconspicuous Look

Photographers that specialize in weddings enjoy capturing a fleeting glimpse in the direction of the camera. From preparation to couple photographs and bridal portraits, expect this photogenic position throughout the day.

  • Cutting the Cake

One of the most classic wedding photos is cake cutting, which can be posed or natural. The catering team will give cutting equipment and directions, while the photographer will document the entire process from the first cut to the first mouthful.