Throughout our lives, we will engage in a variety of collaborations. Of course, some will be familial links, while others will involve romantic feelings, sexual desire, physical proximity, as well as a deeper emotional or spiritual bond; it’s a conceptual relationship rather than a physical one. A Platonic relationship is defined as a deep bond between two people that is not based on sexuality. Platonism can exist between family members, co-workers, and friends of the same or opposite sex. A long-term love relationship might occasionally feel “more like friends” and inversely a ‘friendly’ relationship may transform into a romantic one. All you need to do is to pick up the right signs of romantic engagement.

Here is a brief guide for you to decipher the signs that your relationship is no longer a Platonic relationship, but love is in the air!

Signs to Look Out for!

Love is something inexplicable. No one knows when, how and why it happens. It may happen at first sight or after several years of close friendship. Love, at first sight, is more like two people hit by the mischievous Artemis’s dart. The second category is more complicated since the persons are involved with each other for quite some time and adding a romantic angle to their existing relationship could be uncomfortable in the beginning. Then again, if love has to happen, it will happen amid war, a crisis or even a pandemic crisis! Only lookout for the correct signs!

Realistic Romantic Expectations

Well, it may sound cliché and boring to some extent, but it is true that romantic relationships are not cinematic. There could be a harrowing cacophony of traffic instead of a surreal orchestral symphony in the background when you walk with your partner, hand in hand. People would be jostling for a small space of shade during the downpour and you too will feel a similar urge, more in contrast to running wild into the rain.

The fact of the matter is that when you are in a romantic relationship after being involved with a person for quite some time, you know each other very well. In fact, a Platonic relationship is based on honesty and integrity and if you share such a relationship with a person, it will definitely help you both set realistic goals. Therefore, if you see your friend caring for you, trusting his or her secrets with you, and taking you to their favourite spots in the town, you could decipher that as the beginning of a romantic craving.

Date Ideas Start to Flood

Two close friends will definitely hang out. But several studies have revealed that when two persons become romantically involved, they become more adventurous. They want to explore different sides of each other and therefore they go for dates to different places. If you were happy hanging out with your “Platonic friend” in a local coffee shop, and now you have an impulse to explore the city with him or her, you better check the air for love.

Physical Intimacy

Sex or physical intimacy like hugging, kissing, and cuddling are the expressions of love. According to the Carpe Diem philosophers, love is an abstract feeling which takes a humane shape in the form of physical intimacy. So if you are having such cravings, then it is a sure shot sign that a proposal date is around the corner.


A platonic relationship is of course a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and equal footing. The romantic inclination may make you more vulnerable but that’s the beauty of romance, isn’t it? If life was predictable all the way to the funeral ground, we would hardly have a thing to wish for. Therefore, don’t panic if your Platonic relationship transforms into a romantic relationship. Embrace it, enjoy it and nurture it for a satisfying future of affectionate togetherness. Click here for further details about the topic.