Start early!

If you are parents of small kids and they are still in the impressionable age and want to explore the world the best gift that he or she can receive from you is the tricycle. Now that people are fond of cars and high end motor bikes and other sensational vehicles that ply around the city the tricycle would be a very responsible gift for the young ones. You can help them form the habit of using the tricycle as they can carry the habit in their adult years without having to bother about what people would say.

Even though this is much cost effective and lower in price when compared with a car which the parents dream of gifting their kids with a tricycle or a trike would surely stand out in the parking area of the school. The kids tricycle would serve several purposes and it would help them carry their back packs easily on the back of the seat or you can even add an extra basket at the front as they grow up and become strong enough to ride with weights. It is great fun to assemble the vehicle and it is quite an eye catching design that is quite unique.

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Multi utility:

  • A vehicle is believed to help in one way and that is to transportation of humans. How does a multipurpose concept come in here? It is the way it serves the person.
  • One is to do away with the use of fossil fuels and inculcate the idea of pollution prevention at a young age and to keep awake the concept of good health by using healthy alternatives like biking and many such ideas.
  • The height is adjustable so that the kid can easily sit on it and it can be extended as the kid grows. The trike comes with an attached basket at the rear end which can be closed and it will allow the kid to carry items like books for school and sports items with ease.
  • The kid need not carry all the heavy items on a backpack which is a strain on the back.

All the specifications and other details of each of the models is available right along with the image of the kids tricycle and they are kid friendly which they can form an easy habit for the future.