For many people, acne is a really disturbing problem that can affect their entire lives. Therefore, it is also advisable to adopt nutritional measures when treating acne. We am often asked what to do and we always say that according to the functional medicine mindset, we always start by looking for the cause.

We want to make the cause of the problem disappear so that we do not just ease the symptoms. Acne is often advised as a milk-free and sugar-free diet. Indeed, it is on the right track and in practice many have benefited from this strategy. However, this is not yet the root cause of the problem and does not address other factors. If you suffer from acne, think about when it started. Can you influence these underlying factors now, or will it help you understand what issues are affecting you. The use of the Acne Cream happens to be essential now.

Is The Cause Of Acne In The Intestine Or Where?

In what condition has your gut been in your life and in what condition is it now? Have you eaten antibiotic courses as a child or as an adult?

Antibiotic courses have an effect on intestinal bacteria for up to two years, and they actually destroy a large proportion of the good strains of bacteria that maintain normal metabolism and immunity. This also affects the condition of the skin.

Is your food thawing well? So do you get the trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids you need to heal and build good skin?

The cause or part of the cause can be found in the intestine and should be suspected at least if the stomach or intestine rebels with swelling, gas, constipation, diarrhea, pain or other symptoms.

Obviously, The Causes Of Acne Can Be Many And Overlapping

Stress is often in the background when a part of the body is “unbalanced”. Stress also increases insulin resistance, raises blood glucose levels and thus contributes to the increase of low-grade inflammation. That’s what acne is all about.

Eating the wrong type of fat and too little intake of omega 3 fatty acids can also contribute to inflammation.

By wrong kinds of fats we mean industrially processed fats that are easily obtained when eating margarines, prepared foods, biscuits, candies, chocolate and even foods that are considered healthy, such as bread, muesli and the like.

Vegetable oils containing omega-6 fatty acids have been added to them, which when excessively processed, especially when processed, increase the body’s inflammatory state. Lack of antioxidants and often high blood sugar levels also affect the severity of the inflammation.

Ways To Cure Acne:

Even out your blood sugar

Avoid too much carbohydrate at a time. Note that a healthy rye bread or oatmeal will also raise your blood sugar. So eat them in smaller portions and take extra fiber in, for example, smoothies. Replace carbs with vegetables and berries. You don’t always need rice toppings, potatoes or pasta!

Above all, give up eating sugar

Sugar raises blood glucose levels dramatically, which increases the inflammatory state of the body. Blood sugar levels can be measured, but high blood sugar is also often seen at the waist as excess fat. (Thus, lowering blood glucose levels will usually also lose weight without actual cures.)

High blood sugar can also feel like a craving for sugar or that you often get tired

To help your blood sugar level up regularly, eat breakfast as well. Eat decent food, no bread meals or the like. Always eat a large portion of salad at the beginning of your meal and use Good Fats every day. They also help to balance blood sugar.