Designer lingerie is a must-have closet item for all women. Sheer fabrics, body-hugging silhouettes, and gorgeous patterns make any woman feel more confident, sexy, and bold. Whether you buy lingerie for yourself or for someone close to you, here are some things to be kept in mind while shopping. 


  One of the most important aspects of any designer lingerie is its fitting. If the lingerie is too tight or too loose, the person wearing it will feel uncomfortable and the motive of wearing a lingerie set would not be fulfilled. Lingerie is worn to highlight parts of the body in the best way and if the fitting is not right, this purpose would be left unfulfilled. 

Avoid buying one-size sets as they may not fit everyone rightly. Some women have small tops and large bottoms while some have large tops and small bottoms. If you are buying the lingerie for someone else, it is a good idea to know beforehand what size they wear. You can check their other lingerie pairs or ask them indirectly. If you are buying for yourself, check your bra size before investing in expensive designer lingerie. 


   Sexy lingerie can come in a variety of designs and patterns. You should know about the basic ones before you click shop now on the online lingerie boutique. Below is a list of the most commonly known lingerie. 

    • Babydolls – They are fitted like a bra on the top, cinching right under and have a flowy bottom. Or, understand them as a sheer mini dress made of mesh, lace, hosiery, and satin fabrics.
    • Chemises – These are similar to babydolls but can be of any length – knee length, ankle length, mid-length, etc.
    • Camisoles – These are revealing and fitted tank tops. If the person you are gifting the designer lingerie loves sleeping, a camisole pajama set would be a great option.
    • There are other options like teddies, bustiers, and corsets. However, not all women prefer to wear them. 


  If you are unable to decide amongst the variety of colors and patterns available, choose the sophisticated lingerie. By this, we mean that you can go for black lingerie anytime because every woman loves black. You can also go for neutral colors. Buy bright lingerie set only if the person is experimental and loves wearing bright shades.


   This is another important factor while choosing lingerie. You may want to splurge and buy an expensive set of designer lingerie or choose something that fits in your budget. Any woman would love to receive a new set of matching bra and panty, so investing in one is a safe option if you are planning to gift the lingerie. 

Remember that every woman has a different body and a unique taste. Some like sheer, some like lacy, while some like satin. Also, not every woman feels comfortable donning a revealing lingerie set. So, before buying, consider what she likes. You can know about her taste by looking at her previous buys or simply asking her indirectly.