As a bride, there are numerous duties, activities and requests that you will have your bridesmaids handle. You will want to take good care of them, despite their role in supporting you. A great way to lighten their load and make their jobs easier is to think about any additions that you can cover. If you want to cover some aspects of the wedding costs for your bridesmaids, here are a few ideas to help lighten the load.

Formal Hairdos

Many brides and bridesmaids find it easier to outsource their hair for the day of. Having a professional to style bridal and bridesmaid hair Princeton NJ can make it easier for preparation, stress and desired results. If you want your girls to get their hair done, it can be a nice gesture to offer to cover this.


If you are also requesting that they have their makeup done for the wedding or offering this as a service, you can also consider covering this. Having a professional makeup artist come in to manage makeup application can help give you the photo finish that you are hoping for while not stressing out your friends.

Matching Attire for Photos

In today’s day and age, professional photos during the preparation stages are common. If you want everyone to have matching outfits, don’t ask them to purchase these when you can supply them. You want your bridesmaids to be happy, and part of that is not piling on unnecessary extraneous costs.

Emergency Kits

Thoughtful gestures can show your bridal party that you care and have been thinking of them. If you want to ensure that everyone is taken care of and prepared for the big day, consider preparing emergency kits to make sure that everyone can seamlessly make it through.

While it is assumed that weddings are costly for the couple, this can also be incredibly expensive for the bridal party. If you want to keep your amazing bridal team happy, consider covering the cost of any of these wedding expenses and lighten their load.