What comes to your mind when you go ahead and try to dress up your little man formally? Do you think you can just put together any shirt and any pant and he’ll be happy to wear it? Not anymore because little boys these days are as picky about their shoes and clothes as adults.

Besides, the fact is that styling formal shoes for boys is as tricky as it is for the grownup men. Loads of things have to be kept in mind, from the colour of the shoes to the type of it.

So, are you feeling all confused about how to style the formal shoes of your little guy? Here are the five tips that’ll surely be of help to you. 

The shoes have to be darker than the pants

First off, the boys formal shoes have to be darker than the pants he wears. Having a great pair of black shoes is a good investment because these practically go with almost every colour of pants, except navy blue. You will need reddish-brown or dark brown shoes with navy blue pants. Brown shoes can be worn with brown pants, but the shoes need to be a darker shade of brown.

The socks are not supposed to stand out

So, you have perfectly tailored pants and the new pair of boys formal shoes for the little man. But, the bright blue socks could be seen from miles away! That makes them look very old-school and the little one might not prefer it. The socks are supposed to be a bridge between the pants and the shoes. So, make him wear socks in colours that match his shoes, or at least something in a neutral shade. 

Always match the shoes to his belt

While on the topic of styling the boys formal shoes, keep in mind that the shoes must always match the belt that he is wearing. A pair of brown shoes with a black belt and vice versa is not the contrast he should go for. It is a big fashion mistake when you are trying to put together a formal look for little boys.

Keep those formal shoes shiny and clean

The boys formal shoes have to look good and be shined at all times. It is not something you can put off for the next time. So, learn how to shine the shoes of the little one and do it before he wears them every time. In fact, you should teach him how to do it, as well.

Know which ones are the formal shoes

Last but the not the least, know which shoes come under the category of boys formal shoes. The most appropriate formal shoes are laced shoes. You can make him wear these with his cute suits and formal shirts. Even boots are good enough to be worn as formal shoes. The loafers are not considered formal by modern standards.

So, there you have it! Style the formal shoes of the little man following these top five tips, and have him step out in style.