Simplicity is good, but is it always best? When special occasions occur, gift buying may feel overwhelming. When that happens, you may reach for the closest gift card. Yes, that is definitely a viable option. After a few times, though, is it really saying you care? In these cases, that special someone might appreciate some heartfelt thought and time. Find the right present using the following guidelines.

1. Consider What the Person Wears

Often, people have accessories that they adore. It could be hats, jewelry, headbands, socks or purses. These little things may range from high to low in price. No matter the cost, selecting something in this category or “personal fav attire” demonstrates you know your friend or family member’s preferences.

For example, does your mom enjoy wearing rings or earrings? Places like Black Hills Gold Family Jewelry specializing in letting you customize something to meet your loved one’s interests. Do you have an avid football fan in the house? Add a new jersey or fun game accessory to the collection.

2. Consider the Person’s Hobbies

online valorant gift cards can be a bit more personalized. Think about goals or hobbies that the person enjoys. A golf fan may enjoy a ticket to a local tournament. A museum lover might cherish a year-long membership. These offerings reflect more consideration than a generic drug store card grab.

3. Consider Pairing a Gift Card With a Personal Note

This one takes the price tag off the table. Sometimes we don’t express how much people mean. Words are precious to many people. Transform a distant card gift into something relatable by spending time writing a letter about your favorite memories or your general feelings. Handwrite it too. While typing is easier to read, it’s not as touching.

Stretch yourself to think of some other avenues for your next gift. Concentrate on matching something to your friend or family member’s interests because thought does matter.