Footwear is an integral part of our fashion choices. It is the kind of footwear we wear that makes or breaks our look. If you want to keep up with the fashion trends, you can invest in all kinds of shoes and sandals. But if you are looking for fashion plus comfort, buy chappals online

Mens chappals are the most comfortable and even fashionable, so you must have a couple of the latest designs that can fit well with all your formal, semi-formal and casual clothes. 

The reason why you should be buying chappals is because they are mostly open toed, which exposes your feet and lets them breathe. While the old school mens chappals come in neutral colours such as black, brown and tan, contemporary models come in all sorts of colours, ranging from pastels or neons. 

If you are looking forward to buying chappals online, you need to check out the latest footwear which you can wear with all your outfits.

    1. Fisherman sandals: These are closed toe footwear and the name probably originated because fishermen used to wear them, considering how quickly they drain water due to the several open channels. The thick and sturdy build and a cushioned footbed makes it easy to identify these sandals. Buying leather sandals will help them last long.
    2. Strappy sandals: If you want something sporty, but also don’t want to wear shoes, these strappy sandals are just perfect. The rubber soles are light as feathers and the synthetic straps don’t hurt at all. Also, the velcro helps you to fasten the straps as per your comfort. 
    3. Slip on sandals: If you want footwear that is sophisticated and comfortable at the same time, slip on sandals are your answer. These chappals are totally hassle free to wear because you simply need to slide your feet in. The tiny metal buckle on the straps adds a nice touch to these sober looking sandals.
    4. Cross strap mens sandals: A trip to a supermarket of running errands can be a boring job, but make your rather plain errand-running look a fashionable one by slipping into these cross strap sandals. These footwear look great with your joggers and sweatshirt and perhaps a cap.
    5. Gladiator sandals: These footwear are a modern interpretation of the classic gladiator sandals. They don’t have the upper straps to tie up but the single thick straps are comfortable enough to keep your feet firm. These trendy sandals are available in multiple colours but you can stick to the neutral earthy tones because they will go well with your outfits.
    6. Toe ring sandals: For life on the go, these sandals are the best because they look good with your shirt and trousers and even traditional outfits. The toe ring on these footwear will give your feet a proper grip. If you think slides are not your cup of tea, these chappals are an ideal choice of footwear for you.

Consider buying these footwear which not only give your feet comfort but also look super stylish.