Your wedding dress will be the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever own and it makes sense that you will want to keep your precious wedding dress in the best possible condition. 

We have carefully dry cleaned thousands of wedding dresses to make sure they are preserved in pristine condition once their big moment is over. Many brides choose to keep their wedding dresses packed away for many years, with some wanting to pass their dress down to a daughter to wear for their special day.

Luckily, our dedicated team of wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialists use very gentle, yet effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to help maintain the colour, shape and fabrics used.

Taking care of your wedding gown

You will want to look after your wedding dress so that it stands the test of time. With our help, your gown will be carefully cleaned to remove dirt, makeup smudges, wine splashes and even hidden stains that are not easy to spot with the naked eye, such as champaign spills that can yellow the fabric of your gown over time if not removed.

Once cleaned, we will carefully fold your dress in acid-free tissue paper and place it in a wedding dress box that is ideal for keeping your dress in excellent condition. The box can prevent your gown from being faded by sunlight, and the materials used to pack your dress are breathable.

Wedding dry cleaning for other outfits

Your wedding is a very special day for everyone involved, and a lot of thought and planning will go into making everything perfect, including the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groom’s suit.

While it makes so much sense to trust the cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress to a specialist, such as the American Dry Cleaning Company, it is also important to take special care of the other significant wedding outfits from your day.

Our team of specialist dry cleaners can take your groom’s wedding suit and bridesmaid dresses and give them the care and attention they deserve after the big day. 

We will even take your wedding shoes and professionally clean them for you, which is especially important for suede shoes, and brides shoes that are made using fabrics such as satin or silk, or have delicate embellishments, such as lace, pearls and sequins.

Why should you use a specialist rather than a general dry cleaner?

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation should always be undertaken by a specialist company with the right facilities and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  Your wedding gown is no ordinary dress and isn’t suitable for a standard dry-cleaning procedure or the harsh chemicals that other dry-cleaners use.

You only get one chance at cleaning and preserving your wedding dress and choosing the wrong dry cleaners can mean your dress losing its shape, colour and damage being done to any delicate fabrics and embellishments, such as pearls, beads, crystals and sequins.

Our team at the American Dry Cleaning Company use the latest dry cleaning technologies and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that have been engineered for taking care of one-off garments such as wedding dresses. 

Do not hesitate to book our wedding dress care service to perfectly clean and preserve your special gown for years to come.