The easiest way to feel comfortable in 2022 is to put on a pair of slippers. Slippers are a way to treat oneself after a long day at the office. Nothing feels better than slipping your toes into soft slippers when you wake up from a deep sleep. Contrary to what media propaganda claims, men do a lot of labour and deserve a lot of comfort and downtime. With this article, you will be good enough to shop slippers for women and slippers for mens as well.

A slipper’s secondary function, besides providing comfort, is to protect your flooring from filth and grime tracked in from outside. Therefore, I advise you to wear slippers inside the house, despite many companies claiming they may be worn both inside and outside.

Here are some of the greatest designs of great slippers for mens for 2022, ranging from beautiful hybrids to practical home comforts so that you can present your best self in a modern and cosy manner.

1- Barbour

The fake fur mule design on the Barbour Young slippers allows you to unwind in style. These slippers for mens, which are made from recycled bottles, have a plaid pattern all over and are a cozy evening essential.

2- Brunch:

Bruch, a unisex footwear business, has undoubtedly produced one of the most alluring slip-on slides inspired by hotels. Brunch has a penchant for complimentary hotel room amenities. Their slides are the perfect shoes for all the weekend pursuits, both indoors and outside, thanks to the post-pandemic coziness concept being perfectly adapted now. Their recently launched L’Essentiel line offers a new spectrum of seasonal and gender-neutral colours, like black, blue, and cream, with some versions even incorporating a shearling inner lining. It builds on the success of their low-profile “Le Classic” slide.

3- Del Toro

The Black Velvet Slippers have been a fixture of Del Toro’s wardrobe since 2005 and are both functional and fashionable slippers for mens. The elegant and effortlessly stylish limited shoe has an etched Casa Cipriani insignia on the vamp and Del Toro’s distinguishing red grosgrain stripe.

4- Australian EMU:

The Esperance Slipper from EMU Australia is made from the best double-faced Australian sheepskin and has a cushioned, long-lasting outsole that can be used indoors and outdoors.

5- Enfants Riches Deprimes

These elegant velvet slippers by Enfants Riches Deprimes come in a deep, rich green colour. They have leather trim, 100% silk velvet construction, and are embroidered with the ERD emblem all over.

The newest shoe from Florsheim-Florsheim, the Java Nylon Moc Toe Slip-On, is a cross between a stylish casual shoe and a cozy slipper. The water-resistant nylon and suede uppers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and they have a detachable, fully cushioned Comfortech footbed to keep your feet comfy. The Florsheim Java Nylon Moc Toe Slip-On is a must-have this winter, whether you’re working from home, enjoying a leisurely stroll outside, or remaining warm for an evening in.

6- Puppy Hush:

With a memory foam footbed and fake fur inside, the Dawson slipper from Hush Puppies is sure to keep your feet warm throughout every season. Genuine suede uppers are plush and supple.

The rubber sole of these shoes provides comfort and grip over the floor. With elegance, these come with quite a good grip.

We hope this article will have helped you select your best pair of slippers for mens.