Dressing up has been shown to improve one’s attitude and overall self-confidence. The person can feel ‘blah’ all day if they leave the house with a wrinkled shirt, stretched-out pants, and shaggy, slept-on hair. Nothing knocks the emotion of standing nicely clothed.

It’s a common belief that the person who dresses well feels good. The clothes of the person wearing it should look classic so that the clothing can enhance the overall personality of the person but at the same time the attire must be comfortable to wear. If the clothing looks good but the person wearing it doesn’t find it comfortable then the whole point of dressing up and feeling good gets blown.

Being at ease in your clothes allows you to pay attention to your body’s demands without being distracted by the sensation of being constricted or out of breath. It’s also easier to enjoy movement when your clothes aren’t getting in the way. The duo of clothes that are comfortable to wear yet look stylish is what the public demands these days.

In this article, a list of clothes like that is discussed.

Don’t you want to look stylish yet be comfortable in clothes; if yes, then here are the fashion tips from Brent Emerson, who has stores in Arizona and North Carolina.


If the person wants their clothes to be comfortable then they should pay attention towards the used fabric of the stylish cloth they are choosing to buy. Cotton for Summer is the best and most breathable textiles available, and it provides comfortable and fashionable options for both casual and business wear. It is breathable, as well as robust, and comfortable.

For winters, wool is considered to be the best fabric because it’s breathable, wicks vapor away, and doesn’t hold odor.

Polyester is considered to be not a good fabric when it comes to comfort as they’re non-breathable and they’re made up of synthetic material which heats the body rapidly and it doesn’t suit many skin types.

Ideas for comfortable classic outfits

1) Culottes Pants

The culottes pants are safe options for almost every outgoing event plus they’re famous for their comfiness yet the classic look. They can be paired with any type of top or blouse and their look can be modified from formal to informal attire. The pants can be styled in both summer and winter.

2) Blazer dress

A blazer dress is the fusion of a blazer into a dress, meaning that the blazers are worn as a dress. They give the formal yet classic look, plus they’re comfortable for wearing. The blazer dress has been worn by many celebrities on special occasions.

3) Trench Coat

The trench coat is very easy to wear and it looks good when paired with any type of outfit. The coat has a belt along with pockets, it claims to be water coated and resembles the look of a military officer’s coat. They’re long and loose which makes them feel comfortable and perfect for the winters.

4) Skater Skirt

Skater skirts have made their way into the current fashion trend of 2021 year. They’re comfortable to wear and look cute because it is a short, high-waisted pleated skirt with a hemline above the knee, normally composed of softer fabric to impersonate figure skater skirts.

These were some of the clothing items which are comfortable to wear and yet look classic. Thus, above tips of Brent Emerson of clothes will make you comfortable yet classic. North Carolina Based Brent Emerson always keeps his stores of Arizona and North Carolina filled with comfortable clothes.