Everyone is contributing for a sustainable environment for one way or the other as we can see that the earth is facing global warming, pollution, ozone depletion and so many other adverse impacts. Do you want to make your contribution in saving the earth as well? Well, one of your contribution is buying woolrior socks and using them instead of ordinary socks which cause waste. Also, you can fund woolrior socks so they can launch, market and manufacture on a larger scale so that the people and the environment both can get benefit from it.

Here a question arises that what are woolrior socks in the first place? Woolrior socks are socks that are environmentally friendly yet they are manufactured in a way to last a lifetime. So, no more throwing away socks and just sticking to one. These socks in various kinds, there are running socks, there are light running socks and then come the hiking socks. So, investing in products that for a long time help you reduce the waste which helps in saving the earth from adverse impacts.

The best eco friendly running and hiking Merino wool socks available with lifetime warranty. Non chemically treated!

The woolrior socks are super strong yet they are very comfortable, they feel very smooth to the skin. We all have lost so many socks in our lives, and we have also faced the embarrassment of having holes in the socks. Thanks to woolrior socks that you will not lose them and not even poke holes because they are super strong and sturdy.

The material used to create such strong socks is wool, wool has been used over years and years for making apparel. Wool has strong fibers; it has moisture wicking properties yet it is comfortable and soft to touch. Due to these reasons, wool becomes the perfect choice for these socks. The fun part is that they come in all colors, if you want to stick to plain old black or white, you can do that but if you like your socks bright colors then nothing is stopping you from getting them.

These socks are manufactured with the high-quality merino wool which adds to the comfort and strength of these socks. During the manufacturing process, the wool’s breathability is enhanced with the help of mesh venting. Then they are given a silver ion treatment which boosts their antimicrobial action. Later on, an arch support is added and so is the superfine cushioning. The superfine cushioning ensures extra support.

These socks are not restricted for just running or hiking, you can wear them anywhere and anytime you like. Whether you are making runs to the grocery store, or you are going to school, or you are going on a hike, wear them whenever you feel like.

The very unique yet inspiring thing that woolrior socks focuses upon is the protection of feet, specially of servicemen and women. They have to move around so much and do such tasks where it is quite easy to get feet infections, shoe burns and other feet related problems. Woolrior socks aim at providing a 20% to all the military and police personnel if they raise enough funds. So, make sure that you donate some amount to woolrior socks so they can give back to the strong men and women in the military and police who work hard day and night for the protection of people.

Some of the benefits of woolrior socks are as follow:

  1. They are manufactured with high-quality merino wool.
  2. These socks are naturally anti-bacterial and will protect your feet from diseases.
  3. Unlike ordinary socks, these socks are anti-shrink and will maintain their shape and strength.
  4. These socks ensure moisture management through the unique mesh venting.
  5. They provide immense support due to the arrow arch.
  6. Your feet will remain comfortable due to the superfine cushioning.
  7. They are machine washable yet they will maintain their strength.

Rafi, Waho and Edward were successful in creating socks which were not only warm and comfortable but they were also naturally anti-bacterial, strong and sturdy, and also lasted a lifetime. These innovative minds were unable to find socks which were strong enough yet comfortable so they ended up creating them. Now make sure that you fund them so they are launched at a mass scale.