Jewelleries are personal treasures. Even during the ancient times, jewellery represented status, and even to this day, some treasure hunters seek to find the lost jewels of old monarchs as these indeed cost a fortune.

Jewelleries are made from natural earth-mined minerals such as gold, silver, and precious stones. That is why in purchasing fashion jewellery Australia people treat this as a form of investment, as these lifetime pieces can be passed onto future generations. 

But most people have no idea that though these pieces could get damaged and brittle over time without proper care.  As some jewelleries are worn as an everyday piece, it’s also imperative that we take care of them so that they will last long enough for our children’s children to enjoy.

Here are some common mistakes that put those beautiful pieces at risk.


People who are oblivious to the fact that jewellery also needs proper care and storage often neglect their pieces by just placing them anywhere convenient, like a bedside table.  Jewellery should not be placed in direct sunlight or in damp places to keep their lustre and prevent discoloration.

The best way to keep your jewellery is to place it inside a small ziplock bag with air squeezed out and stored in a jewellery box.  Chains should also be fastened to avoid tangling.


Some of us just take a shower or sleep with our jewellery on – this is not advisable.  The chemicals on soap and shampoo may cause brittleness and dull your jewellery, so take them off when taking a shower or washing your hands, more so when using alcohol or alcohol-based products and lotions.

When we sleep, let’s not forget to take them off and store them away. As we are unconscious of our movements while asleep, we could squish on them or tangle the chains while sleeping, worse, break them off. 

When working, doing house chores or sports activities, it’s also advisable to keep your jewellery off.  Too much sweat could damage your jewellery, aside from the friction it may get from the tools, machines, and equipment that it may come in contact with.


Since jewellery are actually treasures, it is imperative that we visit our jeweller once in a while to have them properly cleaned and checked.  They are the ones that can offer proper care to maintain your beautiful pieces, tighten some loose prongs or locks, and also provide professional advice on how to take care of your jewellery on your own. This is way cheaper compared to losing some stones or your favourite piece altogether. 


And because we simply love doing DIY at home, we sometimes tend to come across some tips that are not actually good for our jewellery. Toothpaste is often a very popular cleaning alternative, however, toothpaste is not actually advisable, as it is harsh and the paste tends to stick in between your jewellery making it difficult to clean later on.  When cleaning, use only a mild dishwashing soap with warm water, and brush with a soft children’s brush. 


Yup! It may sound crazy but keeping them stored for a long time and using them only for very special occasions may actually cause damage to your jewellery.  Even if you store them properly, chances are, your jewellery will naturally tarnish over time.  Wearing them helps prevent this as the rubbing motion that your pieces get from your skin or clothes will help gently polish your metals, keeping them beautiful and shiny. 

Jewellery is a beautiful piece that we often want to keep and collect. It increases in value over time and may be sold at a good price.  Keep them safe and beautiful by avoiding those common mistakes mentioned above so you can pass them as a wonderful heirloom.