The global fashion industry is one that never fails to stay in the headlines and continuously report to sell very high. Not just this, the industry is expected to continuously grow even in the upcoming years. So if you plan to be in the industry, change is what you must accept, and picking up the trends is the best way to stay updated. But what are those trends that are going to keep you on the top? Here are listed a few:

The Cool Leather Game

Fashion is incomplete without having to mention leather. It is ageless beauty and can suit any trend that flaunts classic or retro to the modern-day outfits. Though being costly, leather gives you the comfort and luxury that no others can match up to. Traditional textiles are known to age with time but then leather ages like fine wine. The older the better. Investing in genuine leather is never an option of regret for you. Hence, the market value of leather never sees a stoop. And the biggest brownie points lie in the leather suiting any gender.

Sneakers Are Everywhere

Sneakers are the flag bearers of the modern fashion. Nobody is seen to complain about wearing a sneaker pair. Statistics reveal that consumers spend double on comfortable sneakers rather than spending on new t-shirts. Sneakers contribute to the casual fashion trends and liberate the lax dressing arrangements of the modern-day trends.

Owning the Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

The boyfriend section of dressing is known to liberate the most comfortable vibe than anything else could have done yet. It is the sense of wearing unfitted and comfortable clothing wear that brings us back to these clothing segments. With the trends evolving, picking loose fitted wear can amp up your fashion game. And the boyfriend section of clothes offers go-to apparel solutions to look more casual than you could ever be.

Layer & Fur Quotient

Winter is the prime time to show off how on point your fashion game can be. With keeping in mind to flaunt every piece of your clothing item, it is not easy to step up your layering ideas. A fur-based vest is a must that goes on with every clothing item. Also, layering is an art, mastering which can leave amazing results.

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