Nowadays hair products manufacturers surprise us more and more about the range of products and updates they offer. It’s a common knowledge that most of the girls can’t resist not try innovations in the beauty industry. If we are talking about hair care products this habit is will benefit the quality of hair, but what about the case with styling or colouring products?

Here fashionistas face with the choice : use natural or chemical hair dyes? 

Natural hair dyes

Supporters of natural hair dyes usually claim that colouring is always a chemical process. When the composition of the paint says that it doesn’t contain ammonia, it just means that this component is replaced by another, more gentle one, but still chemical. This is true. Colouring hair with natural hair dyes is the best option for those who have allergic reactions to hair dyes. You can even make your own hair dye at home using only natural, herbal dyes.

Natural hair dyes most often include henna, basma, as well as walnuts, tea, coffee, onion peel, chamomile, etc. Such dyes are preferably used on hair where there are no traces of perm or coloring with any chemical paint. Natural dyes do no harm to the hair. On the contrary, they give the hair shine, silkiness and natural color. The only drawback of natural dyes is thе lack of stability. Each time after the next hair wash, part of the coloring pigment is washed off. Therefore, if you decide to dye your hair with natural dyes, then they will have to be applied again after each hair wash. The exception is henna and basma, their color lasts longer.

Chemical hair dyes

On the other hand, poor ecology, temperature changes and other negative factors no less harm our hair! In addition, modern hair dyes act much more carefully, and the care that accompanies colouring is an absolute benefit for hair. The composition of modern hair dyes includes a huge number of caring components: oils to moisturize the structure and proteins that fill gaps in damaged areas. As a result, the color becomes multifaceted by filling the strands with pigments,.  We want to remind you that it is important to work with a professional who correctly diagnoses the individual characteristics of your hair and selects what is right for you.

All in all, hair colouring is pretty expensive in all the cases, but the result is worth it. In the matter of price-quality ratio, everyone makes a personal choice, but beautiful and healthy hair needs constant care. The first step is to work with the hair follicles, filling them with useful micro and macro elements. What is more, take comprehensive care and protection of the hair from heat, ultraviolet rays weekly. And also use only high-quality combs, hairpins and elastic bands that will protect the strands from brittleness. All this costs money, but the result will be impressive!