Getting a concealed carry license is an important step in preparing to defend yourself and anticipating dangerous situations. But once you have a permit to carry a gun in public, it is extremely important to consider how you carry your gun. Concealing your weapon is important for many reasons, and there are different ways to considering doing so.

Why Conceal?

The first thing to consider is why you want to conceal in the first place. For undercover or plainclothes officers, having their gun visibly holstered can be a dead giveaway that they are law enforcement. But even for civilians, having a gun visible could make you a more obvious target. Even outside of dangerous situations, having a visible firearm in public could create tension.

Clothes Used To Conceal

The best clothes for concealed carry are ones that allow you to move comfortably without making it obvious that you have a firearm. Vests or jackets with pockets that allow your gun to be out of eyesight but within reach allow you to protect yourself without drawing any unwanted attention. Another way to conceal your weapon is to have your gun holstered in your pants with a shirt over it. Once again, the main thing is to make sure your gun is holstered safely without being visible or restricting your movement.

Concealing in Proximity

A stipulation to concealed carry permits is that you aren’t just allowed to have your weapon on your person; you are allowed to conceal your weapon in close proximity to your body. For most people who don’t want to carry their weapon with them, this means that keeping it locked in your car is a viable option.

When considering how to carry your firearm with you, the most important consideration is safety. There are plenty of options to keep both you and the people around you safe.