If you have been contemplating getting a semi permanent lash service, then you are undoubtedly aware of its undeniable allure.

If you’re like me, your initial thought was something along the lines of ‘It can’t be that effective’. But after witnessing firsthand its incredible results in person, I’m here to tell you: it is!

Work with your technician to make sure you’re getting the right results

If you’re seeking a custom lash design for semi permanent lashes, it is essential that you carefully consider your options before selecting a practitioner. It is equally important to ensure that they are qualified and experienced in creating such looks – just like any other invasive procedure!

Your technician should provide ample time during your appointment to give you a thorough assessment of what they plan to do with your eyes. This can take place before the application of adhesive so that clients may decide whether or not they wish to proceed forward with the process.

Get your semi permanent lashes fitted correctly the first time

Like any other procedure, the outcome you’ll obtain from your semi permanent lash service will vary based on the skill of your technician and how they apply them. To ensure that they are applied precisely; it is essential that they adhere to certain steps during application!

Take note of the following pointers when utilizing a semi-permanent lash service:

Don’t freak out if they take a bit more glue than usual

It is vital that you do not panic upon discovering that your technician has utilized more adhesive than usual when applying your semi permanent lashes. While this may seem like a daunting task, taking it one step at a time can help put any apprehensions at ease.

No need to rush things! Give yourself ample time to fully dry before proceeding with the final prep step. This will help prevent any smudges or run-off from transferring onto your skin.

Take effort in after care of your new lashes!

It is vital to take care of your new lashes after they’ve been applied. This can be as simple as combing them out or using appropriate makeup remover, yet care must also be taken not to damage the rest of your make-up!

The most common mistake people make with their newly acquired semi permanent lash service is leaving it on for too long, which can lead to clumping and eventually remove the falsies altogether. If this happens, it may be more difficult to regrow them later!

After one month, your semi permanent lash tends to fall off on its own. This is partly due to the shedding nature of eyelashes; while they may still be present beneath the base of your eye lashes, these are usually consumed during the healing process. This can create an illusion that they have vanished altogether – as in reality they have merely receded into the depths of your eye socket!

It can take anywhere from eight weeks to two months for your eyelash extension to fully detach. However, if you don’t want them falling out by themselves and prefer a more expedient solution – it’s possible to trim away any unwanted extensions with a set of tweezers.


The advantages of semi permanent lashes are undeniable. The process is more convenient than ever before, so it’s ideal if you’re short on time – no special training or education required! Plus, the results are nearly instant; this may be why some people choose semi permanent lashes over other options.

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