Zenith has a long history of producing special-edition timepieces that merge its Swiss heritage with the latest in innovation. This Chronomaster final edition is no exception to the rule.

It combines two dials, each of which represents the chronographs depicted in the first and final episodes of Lupin The Third’s animated series. The black half has a semi-glossy appearance with deep grey counters while the white side is adorned with “panda” subdials in beige SuperLumiNova.


Swiss watch brand Zenith and a Japanese manga and anime series have teamed up for a few limited-edition timepieces, and it looks like that collaboration is coming to an end. Following the release of two Chronomasters based on Lupin the Third, the company has announced a final edition with a wildly unique case design that is sure to appeal to manga and anime fans.

In the very first episode of Lupin the Third, Daisuke Jigen, the right-hand man and best friend of Lupin III, is portrayed wearing a Zenith chronograph that had a black background with grey counters and gilt markings. It was a very unique and innovative approach for the watchmaker at the time.

The next year, Zenith released a second special edition featuring a white and panda dial. While it was a very good effort, it didn’t fully live up to the original idea of the collaboration, which was to have a watch that was directly inspired by the fictional black and grey dial from the anime series.

So, Zenith decided to take the concept one step further by reimagining the fictional watch from the anime show and creating a Chronomaster Revival. They did this with the instantly recognizable A384 tonneau-shaped case, and recreated the unique black and grey dial that had never actually been seen on a Zenith chronograph.

Now, 50 years later, the brand has finally released a final edition that brings together the two previous designs and offers up an incredibly eye-catching timepiece. The result is a titanium barrel-shaped 37mm case that beats the legendary El Primero automatic integrated chronograph movement inside.

It also features a contrasting half-black, semi-glossy dial on the left side that’s adorned with gray counters and gold applied markers, while the right half is a purely white dial. This gives the watch a really unique appearance, and it certainly catches the light well.

This is the first time that a watchmaker has used this split dial technique, and it’s a brilliant example of how creativity can be rewarded. It’s not something that’s easy to accomplish, but it’s done here with a lot of care.


The Zenith Chronomaster final edition is a truly unequalled dial that pays homage to the iconic Lupin the Third anime series. The watch was inspired by the first episode in which Daisuke Jigen, a character in the story, is seen wearing a Zenith chronograph that was based on the 1969 El Primero but with a black background and grey counters. It was a fun way for Zenith to honor the 50th anniversary of the El Primero and celebrate the manga series.

The watch’s design is a clever mix of the two antipode dial colors from the first and second editions, creating a split-dial design with an alternating black and white color scheme. One half of the dial features a dark grey sub-dial for running seconds while the other half is finished in a white base, with black sub-dials displaying elapsed hours and minutes and a divisive date window.

But the most fascinating aspect of the dial is its balance. It took a lot of time and effort to create, as Zenith followed a delicate process of applying coatings that started with a white base and then moved to the milling of the black sub-dials. Those applications had to be done in such a way that the sub-dials didn’t overlap each other, but they also needed to offset the hands and applied hour markers on both sides of the dial.

Ultimately, the result is an interesting fusion of the two colors, but it’s the subtle details like the three recessed, multi-colored sub-dials that make the watch stand out. They don’t look particularly exciting on first glance, but if you take a closer look they reveal a beautifully surreptitious concentric pattern that seems to be influenced by Japanese Zen gardens.

The watch is housed in a 37mm titanium case that is a replica of the original A384 case shape, and it’s powered by the El Primero 400 automatic 36,000 vph movement. It’s paired with a ladder-style titanium bracelet, which isn’t a Zenith classic, but it adds a unique touch to the look of the watch. It’s limited to 250 pieces, and will retail for CHF 9,900.


The Chronomaster final edition is a departure from Zenith’s usual color palette, which is always a refreshing change for a brand known for its classic aesthetics. Rather than going the traditional route, Zenith has chosen to play with its color palate by using black and white in a way that has never been done before for a chronograph of this size.

As you can see from the image below, one half of the dial features a dark grey sub-dial for running seconds, while the other is white with contrasting black counters in a “panda” configuration that matches the watch’s case. This is a very cool feature that makes the watch stand out from the crowd and gives it a unique look.

When it comes to the movement itself, this Chronomaster has a lot to offer. It’s based on the El Primero caliber, which is a movement that has become quite popular in recent years. It’s a modern chronograph that can accurately track elapsed time to one-tenth of a second, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable but reliable automatic timepiece.

In addition to its high-performance abilities, the El Primero is also highly resistant to vibrations. This is a big deal for mechanical watches, since it means they can be worn while in motion without damaging them.

Another benefit is that this caliber allows Zenith to create a wide variety of watch models. Its versatility has led it to be used in many different types of watches, from sports chronographs to high-end dress watches.

Besides the El Primero, Zenith also uses its own in-house movements. These movements are incredibly durable and often feature multiple functions, such as timers and date windows.

As a result, Zenith is able to create some of the most interesting and innovative watch models around. The Chronomaster series is no exception, with many of its models incorporating a variety of different features.

This final edition of the Chronomaster is a great example of why Zenith has a strong reputation for producing quality watches. The design is unique and it has a fantastic finish. It’s a perfect addition to any watch collection and you won’t want to miss out on this limited-edition timepiece.


When Zenith first released the El Primero Chronomaster in 1969, it was the brand’s most popular chronograph – and it still is today. It was also a pioneering movement that helped define the future of the industry. It has since gone on to become one of the most accurate chronograph movements available, measuring down to 1/10th of a second in the most recent Chronomaster lines and 1/100th of a second in the DEFY collection.

It’s also one of the most stylish. That’s why in 2019 the Swiss watch brand teamed up with the Japanese manga series Lupin the Third to release two special editions inspired by the fictional Daisuke Jigen, the best friend of the main character Lupin III.

The first edition sported a non-existent black dial with gray chronograph registers, a gray tachymeter and gilt hands and indices. The second sported a creamy-white “panda” dial with contrasting black counters and beige Super-LumiNova.

Both editions were stunning, but the Final Edition takes it a step further by merging both aesthetics in bold yin-yang fashion. The left side of the asymmetrical dial reproduces the semi-glossy black dial with grey counters and golden markers from the first edition, while the right side takes inspiration from the panda-style creamy-white dial with contrasting black counters and beige indices from the second edition.

On the wrist, the 38mm case size is complemented by a titanium “ladder” bracelet with double folding clasp. It has a vulcanized rubber inlay on the reverse side that protects the strap from moisture and sweat.

This model will be produced in a limited run of just 250 pieces. The price will be EUR9,700 or CHF 9,900 (US$10,500) and the watches will only be sold through the Zenith boutiques.

If you are a fan of the original Zenith Chronomaster El Primero, this might be the last chance to own one in the 38mm size. It will be sold on a three-leather bracelet with red, blue and gray subdial windows or a steel bracelet with the same leather options.

A fusion of vintage influences, the design is both timeless and unique. It will definitely be a talking point at any gathering where you wear it.