When choosing sunglasses, be sure to focus on models with a protective filter to protect your eyes. If there is no such protection, the sunlight directly enters the eye and damages it, most opticians may say and recommend.

Quality очила are offered with three types of protection, opticians explain. UV protection, polarization, and anti-reflex. UV protection protects against ultraviolet light, which has different wavelengths. Polarization protects against reflected light. Polarized glass dampens glare and prevents glare. The anti-reflex refracts and repels harmful rays to the eye. It is placed on the inside of the glass.

To determine if the glasses are polarized, opticians know a trick to do a test. “The easiest test is the manual one. We take two pairs of glasses. Once we place the glass horizontally on top of each other, it looks transparent, but if we turn it vertically, it turns black. This means that the light is refracted and the two pairs of glasses have polarization “, opticians explain. The verification of UV protection cannot be done manually and requires machines.

The original goggles with protection have a marking and number on the handle, as well as a sticker on the glass. With the number, we can check on the website of the respective brand whether the glasses are original.

Top opticians recommend that we choose sunglasses that we are comfortable with. The glasses must be put on and taken off with both hands. However, wearing it on the head as an accessory is absolutely forbidden. “People treat their hair with various preparations that damage the lenses and frames of the glasses,” most opticians say. Best advice is to keep our glasses by putting them in a case.

Are blue block glasses good?

People also choose очила за компютър if they work on digital displays. The harmful Blue Light may cause headaches, itchy eyes, and can cause bad sleep. The blue light protection glasses are very useful in modern computer jobs where people stay in front of a computer for more than 12 hours a day.