There are three basic necessities of humans’ life. To survive you need food, clothes, and shelter. However, nowadays fashion is the most trending thing everywhere.

As the world has been changing in each and every aspect and thus the clothes style. People have a huge wardrobe or a collection of their favorite clothes. In all the wardrobe in the world, the most common thing that you will find is jeans. There are many types of jeans such as formal, casual, designer, and ripped.

Either men or women, for the casual look all prefer jeans and a nice top that goes with it.

Now in trend, you will find people like to wear ankle-length jeans, which are sized up to the ankle and have a slim fit. You pair these jeans with a nice shirt or a top. Choose the color that goes with the color of your jeans.

Men can pair their black jeans and a nice top that looks decent and give a smooth casual look to every man. There is a lot of classifications of jeans according to their shape, size, and fitting. You can select the jeans that suit you.

  • Formal black jeans – The formal black jeans are something that always stays and is available in the wardrobe of almost everyone. You can pair a nice white top or a faded blue top which gives a simple and official look. You can wear it in any situation, either at a party or for official
  • Faded blue jeans – The faded blue jeans are the most common dress up that you will find everywhere around the market. Today’s youth have the craze of wearing faded blue jeans, to look cool and also it gives a stylish look.
  • Ripped jeans – The women who love to try something new and the trendy look should try ripped jeans once. The ripped jeans are designed such that they are ripped from the thighs to below the knees. There are also slight scraps that seem like they have been stricken out or scraped naturally. You can pair these jeans with a white shirt, top or blouse. Make a combination of light blue striped jeans with a white shirt and blouse.
  • Ankle length jeans – The ankle length jeans are something new in the fashion trend that everyone should try. It’s like straight jeans that have a good fitting and are a little cropped from below. These ankle-length jeans can be paired with a crop top and a nice pair of boots. This dress will make you look smart and trendy.


In this article, I have mentioned the fashion trend and the varieties of jeans that people like to wear and are so trendy these days. Here are a few types of jeans and a top that they can be paired with for your fashionable and stylish look. I have that this article may help you in choosing your fashion style and desirable jeans.