Many high-end fabrics need the less harsh cleaning process of a dry cleaner. If you want your garments to continue looking new, a dry cleaning service is the way to go. What should you do before you take your garments to the cleaners? Here are some tips to ensure your items are ready.

Empty Pockets and Check for Stains

While most dry cleaners will check for these things, at busy times it may be overlooked. The last thing you want is a piece of chewing gum in your pocket to end up on your cashmere sweater during transport or cleaning. Mark any stains you notice and let your dry cleaner know so that they can give you the best service possible. If your cleaner uses an app for scheduling and dry cleaning delivery software, you may be able to leave notes there.

Review Labels

While any type of fabric can benefit from dry cleaning, you don’t want to overpay for cotton and knit items if you don’t have to. Only send in the garments that say dry clean only to save yourself money. If you don’t want to do your own laundry, some dry cleaners often have regular laundry services available too.

Check for Damage

If you notice missing or broken zippers, missing buttons or find a snag in your sweater, let your dry cleaner know. Many of them also have repair services available and can assist you in fixing the garments.

Take Items Often

When a stain occurs, you don’t want it to settle into the fabric because it becomes harder to remove. Create a schedule for yourself if you need dry cleaning often and find a service that provides pickup and delivery.

Being considerate of your items and treating them the way you want your dry cleaner to will ensure you’re satisfied with the result of your cleaner’s services.