Flowers are not just decorative; it has an immense psychological, behavioral, emotional effect on humans. Flowers are a natural moderator of moods. A bouquet of beautiful, vibrant flowers can bring instant, spontaneous smiles and happiness to the receiver’s face. The sign of genuine gratitude and exceptional delight occurs across the world, among all ages. A bunch of flowers stimulates the inner joy, satisfaction, and the recipient feels less depressed, agitated. The gift of flowers sometimes is dearer to diamonds; it speaks the uncluttered language of love and affection understood and appreciated universally. Flowers create the most intimate relationship among people.

Emotional reaction

Flower boutique send by a florists Singapore can bring three kinds of a smile expressed in the recipient’s face, and this happens within the five seconds of the gift. A polite smile is the most common and quick way to express greeting or acknowledgment with the least facial movement. A true smile beams up the face of the person representing real pleasure and happiness. An excited smile shows that the person is excited and happy simultaneously. The eyebrows elevate, fine lines appear during the smile. A flower bouquet gift brings the excited smile on his/her face, which few could stimulate.


The color of the gifted flower plays a crucial role in the depth and form of emotion conveyed. Human response to color with intense emotion and flower stimulates a lot more than senses of sight and fragrance. Certain flowers and colors are closely related to specific occasions. Concerning emotional health, color selection has a different meaning. Red is closely associated with love and romance for ages and boosts the immunity system. Consider sending red flowers to someone suffering from illness or to convey quick recovery after surgery. Red flowers have a positive impact on people distressed with fatigue and anxiety.

Violet flowers have a soothing effect on mind and nerve; it stimulates creativity, uplifts imagination. Yellow symbolizes the sun, the epitome of energy, radiance and joy. Send yellow flowers to commemorate a lasting, enduring friendship.


Once you receive a gift of a bouquet of flowers, the first step is to cut the stems diagonally. This prevents clogging, crushing of stems and proper osmosis. Buds will remain vibrant if you place them at room temperature. Change the water; trim the stems after every two days to keep the flowers fresh and lively. The flower remains fresh in cooler water for a longer time; warm water quickly goes up, stimulating bloom. Remove the foliage spray water on leaves so they can make a smile while they blossom. You can show your sympathy with LRDF’s funeral flowers and wreaths.