After best ipl hair removal Singapore, you will witness the result pretty quickly, and after four sessions with absolute confidence, you can flaunt your hairless, smooth legs and arms. Just after three sessions, hair growth lessens by a whopping 92%. And by fourth sitting for eight weeks, you would not come to the beauty salon for hair removal. The body hair growth becomes sparse and more delicate. The IPL device removes hair from difficult, curved parts of body contours such as the bikini area, underarm, legs, arms, and face. The five IPL modes and skin sensors guarantee gentle yet effective hair removal.

The seamless, innovative design of the device gives quick, clear access to natural contours of your body such as legs, bikini area, and underarm. The hair removal process is almost painless with a light warm sensation. IPL (intense pulse technology) has been clinically tested over two thousand women, and the result is painless, hassle free hair removal. Select the right setting of the device to get an optimal result. IPL hair removal is effective in blond, brown, dark hairs, and in most skin color, with exceptions of very dark skin and hair tones.

The most practiced and popular method of hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most practiced and popular hair removal methods, which have become standard both for men and women. The laser pulse through selective photothermolysis targets the complete hair structure from the hair shaft to the follicle. The melanin absorbs the specific wavelength resulting in subsequent local thermal necrosis of the follicle structure.

The state of the art technology effectively treats all skin types duo with maximum comfort and safety.

755nm Alexandrite or 805 diode laser are used for hair removal for fair skin individuals, while 1060/1064 nm diode or solid state-based laser for a darker tone. The wavelength, fluence and pulse duration, and spot size influence the laser’s penetration power, treatment time, and hence the effectiveness of the hair removal procedure.

IPL hair removal is gaining popularity as an aesthetic skincare procedure. Hair removal is becoming standard procedure and getting acceptance in both genders and across ages. Laser hair removal is the most convenient, effortless, cost-effective, durable solution for hair removal. It is a handy tool to remove hair from large areas of the body with the least discomfort and no downtime. The hair removal market is expanding at lightning speed; excepted market capitalization is around$1.35 billion by the end of 2022.