Manufacturing natural diamond jewelry involves cutting and polishing the stone. Also, some of the diamonds go through certain color and clarity treatments to improve their beauty and increase their value.  Every mined diamond is unique. The following are the reasons to buy a natural diamond engagement ring for your love:

It’s the Real One for the Person you Love

Because every diamond is developed deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years, giving naturally-formed diamonds is a romantic gesture. Because you love your woman, you want to give her something real. You don’t want to give her a ring with a synthetic diamond produced in a factory in a period of few weeks. Natural diamonds have undergone several stages in the manufacturing process to guarantee their quality.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds don’t break and this is the reason industries use them for cleaning hard substances. Because of the stones’ durable qualities and small size, they are usually bought as investments that can be worn over a long time and passed down to family members as heirlooms. You can opt for one of the fancy-colored Anouk Jewelry nature engagement rings for the love of your life. These pieces signify the eternal bond made between a man and a woman on the day she agrees to marry him.

Distinctive Beauty

Each natural diamond has a unique beauty, which makes it the ideal stone as an ornament on an engagement ring. Meanwhile, synthetic diamonds are less distinguishable from one another since they are made under perfect conditions. But, letting the woman of your life wear something with a unique beauty will make them feel confident of their piece and proud of it. 

Ideal Cut

When you opt for a natural diamond, you can explore the wide selection of cuts available. These cuts range from the traditional and most popular round cut diamond to fancy cuts like cushion, princess, and radiant cuts. 

Ideal Carat Weight

Diamonds are formed in a natural process, resulting in a range of carats to pick from. Most synthetic stones weigh no more than 1 carat. Because natural diamonds are available in a variety of sizes, you can surely pick out the best stone for her ring.

A lot of customers want to maximize their budget by buying diamonds that have gone through either clarity enhancement or the HPHT or irradiated color treatment process. These diamonds can help you save big on your purchase. Also, it allows you to buy a diamond with a higher carat weight while sticking to your budget.