The truth is that there is not a single suitable moment, but the best depending on how you want to show it what you want to convey with your photography. So the question is when to take your photography of mountains according to what you want to tell:

Sunrise And Sunset

This moment is a classic, for mountain photography and landscapes in general. That is why I have decided to start here, although you will see that it is not the only-best-moment.

Sunrise or sunset is an ideal time to highlight the textures and volumes of the mountain. If you want to avoid a flat landscape or you care more about the volume than the detail, the idea is to photograph when the sun is low, either when it is going to set or soon after leaving. This grazing light that bathes the mountains is attractive in itself, in addition to producing the contrasts of light and shadow that increase the reliefs of the rocks and offer greater clarity throughout the landscape and also when editing with


And since we are talking about when the sun is low, we are going to talk not about when we have it on our back or one side, but when we have it in front, behind the mountain, we want to photograph.

Here you have two options, photograph the silhouette or capture the sun and let the creative flares flood your photography giving it a warm and close air as in the following example. In this way, you also create an atmosphere that will make the viewer feel as if he were right there. You can also get the viewers interest with a cool editing with

With Clouds

One of the most common beginner mistakes when capturing landscapes is photographing too flat skies. A clear day can bring us a lot of light, but also extremely boring skies. Therefore, clouds are an ideal complement to photograph your mountains.

At Noon

The hard, overhead light of midday is ideal for photographing arid, almost desert mountains. This light eliminates shadows, enhances the feeling of dryness, even isolation. It is with this light that they will shine at their best if you want to transmit desolation, abandonment, etc.