So, you want to know what petit bateau means. The brand name can be translated from French as a Small Boat.  You might have come across this brand. You are interested to know more so that you can consider this brand while buying clothes for your little one. We will certainly clear all your confusions. We will help you to know more about Petit Bateau. If you find the brand worth spending, you can consider visiting This is a Petit Bateau online shop. You will get a wide collection of clothes for your kids. You can visit this website for both boys and girls. Let’s know more about this brand.

What is Petit Bateau? 

Petit Bateau is a clothing brand for kids. This French clothing brand is around ten decades of old. It came into existence in 1920. It is a children brand that manufactures both girl and boys clothes and underwear. As the company has around a hundred years of experience in this industry, you can expect a great collection. During this long journey, it has reached almost all the corners of the world. Also, it has focused more on the innovations to stand out in the crowd. Now it is one of the most popular kids’ clothing brands all over the world.


When it comes to innovations, you can find many with Petit Bateau. Before the 1990s, both adults and kids were wearing long underpants. These were made of the woolen material. So, users were finding them unhygienic and uncomfortable. This brand was registered in 1920 and for the very first time, it produced cotton panties and this innovation made it a popular choice for all those mothers who were looking for a comfortable alternative to woolen panties. This new entry was appreciated by some celebrities as well.

The Petit Bateau has received appreciation for its innovative bodysuit designs. The brand designed the first bodysuit in 1950. While designing it for the first time, they focused on easy usage, convenience, and comfort. All these terms were still not under the consideration of clothing brands. These bodysuits became the first choice for toddlers. These were comfortable to wear. Also, these products ensured easy movement without any restriction.

What about the Material

While choosing a clothing brand, you will certainly prefer the one that uses comfortable and skin-friendly material. Here again, Petit Bateau tops the lists. It uses the Terry cloth bouclette to offer enhanced comfort to young kids. You will love the feel and softness of the product. Petit Bateau’s clothes are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. In 1990, the brand created a new cotton fabric and wool to offer warmth and softness to children. The finishes are also worth mentioning. The cocotte stitch is composed of the tight stitched to offer a durable result.

Wrapping Up

Now you have an idea about the Petit Bateau brand. You are aware of brand origin, innovations, and material. You are armed with all the required information. If you think that the brand can meet the unique needs of your young kids, you can consider visiting their websites and choose any of your preferred design and clothes.


Julia Maksheeva,

CMO of Brandable SA