The introduction of social media networks in the 21st century is a real game-change in today’s times of social networking. The introduction of social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat has taken the lion’s share of the market. Social media applications have become so popular that about 30% of the world’s population is on one or more social media platforms. The need for looking great on social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram is something influencers need and even regular people . The constant tweaking of their appearances for posting a photo on their accounts is something people are doing and where apps such as B612, Picsart, and face tweak come into play.

Gone are the days where you would need to change and add things to your face and body just to post a picture on your social media profile. These apps have several features in which you could beautify and amplify your face and body in their apps. They have several features that help you with –

Real make – The variety in between different filters and looks dependent on how you want to look and show. There are a variety of filters and also having the ability to apply virtual makeup and look realistic. The possibilities are endless.

Stylish stickers – The great thing about these applications is that you can make or put your own funky stickers. The creativity is endless and is a lot of fun to do so.

Body Edits – The ability to edit with the help of an editing app and tweak your body appearance so that it could make the picture look more alive, You can transform yourself to the desired shape and size, it allows you to modify the appearance of the body.

Creative tools – These tools allow you to edit, modify, resize, crop, add stickers or another picture to your photos, one can even change their height and appearance with these tools. All you need to know how to apply the correct tool to your picture.

Adjustment – This feature allows you to adjust your picture’s color, contrast, saturation, and other settings. You can adjust the brightness and shadows of the photos, add filters to them and adjust the filter according to your liking.

Video Editing – Editing videos have been around for a long time, now you can do it easily with your cell phone, This allows you to cut, add music, add slow-motion effect, etc to your videos,

Videos can be edited to look more professional

Cropping tool – The need to fit your image into your Instagram post or story, apps like this make it easier with their cropping tool feature as it helps to get a layout to your social media profile.

In this era of modernization, beauty is considered confidential, to make you look perfect and to make you look one with the social crowd, beauty apps have changed the life of many, Influencers, Celebrities, Iconic people often edit their picture before releasing them anywhere, photo editing app has made it easier for everyone to modify and edit their photos.