Fashion encompasses a large variety of styles for women. Let’s take a peek into some of them:

  • Formal style 

The word “formal” alone evokes a sense of boredom but office wear is an industry in itself. It could be a puzzling question for many, “What do I wear today for work?”

It could be skirts, dresses and trousers for women and tuxedos and suits for men.

  • Vintage style 

Old is gold. So is Vintage! Vintage can take you back a hundred years ago with corsets or down the memory lane with bellbottoms. It could be retrostyle or pinup clothing. Vintage is any item that is at least about 20 years old. 

There are certain styles that are a blend of two different time zones like Issey Miyake Montreal.

  • Street style

This is a more quirky style that was essentially developed on the streets but designers took it to another level by creating a whole brand motivated by street wear. 

  • Bohemian style 

Bohemian is more of a hippe or gypsy look with cascading cotton fabric and floral designs. They are a little out there but artsy and tasteful. Also known as “Boho”, this is quite a hit in North America. 

  • Sports wear 

Traditionally, sportswear was only worn by athletes. However, sportswear is largely donned by the public during workouts. This could include clothes for jogging, gymming, yoga, pilates etc. Yoga pants, tracks, leggings, sports bra and even accessories like sweat bands all comprise of sportswear. There are some top brands like Adidas and Decathlon that specialize only in this department.

  • Girly style

As the name suggests, these clothes have a feminine touch to them. Girly can translate to pink, glitter, short dresses, lace, heavy make up etc. It’s cute and flirty.

  • Chic style 

Chic is not confined to any particular technique. This has more to do with approach than mechanics. Anyone can adopt this style, no matter their wardrobe, provided they know the art. For example, chic would be a buttoned up white blouse teamed with sleek leather pants and high heels. 

  • Skateboarders 

I know it sounds rather odd but skateboarders have a fashion channel too. They are oversized printed t-shirts with graphic prints, sneakers, shorts, hoodies and jeans. 

  • Goth style 

This is dark, mysterious, brooding and borders on morbidness. They are typically worn by rock stars and youngsters who are quite enamoured by vampires and werewolves.